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Thoughts from the last couple days…

Konbanwa minna-san! Yes, I know… [-_-] MK is sorry for being so inactive the last few days (not even commenting anywhere). I don’t really have a good excuse or anything… I just wasn’t really in the mood to do anything online (spent most of the day playing Wii and watching TV). We got a new game for Wii called Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It’s pretty cool. My brother and I have been fans of Super Smash Bros. games since Nintendo 64, so it was a quick learning process (MK normally takes an eternity figuring out most fighting games).

The new game we got!

The new game we got!

Speaking of the Wii, did MK tell minna-san about what she thinks of Wii Music? Hmmm… I should do a real review on it sometime soon! *nods*

Anyway, unfortunately, I’m gonna be pretty busy for the next months. Of course I’m still gonna blog but just in case things get super swamped, MK would like to apologize in advance [u_u] for any times when I may not be able to blog for a day or two.

MK is quite busy thisĀ  new year. Of course, homework is one priority that can get pretty time-consuming if not carefully planned ([u.u] MK always leaves everything until the last minute). Also, the weekly activities like guitar lessons and soccer practice. Plus my dad’s kinda nagging me about working at my Grandma’s shop since she’s getting old now and really needs help. I really would like to help, but must find time to do so. And that’s a little tough seeing that I’m currently working on starting a Bible Study class at my church. Nami-chan and I are still planning and working on getting it officially set up, but when it does start that’ll be another thing to add to the schedule of MK [.__.].

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty!

*sigh* Life. Anyway, MK has been thinking a lot about getting a new cell phone, lately. I mean, I already have two or three right now, but I never used them, so now I have to buy a new SIM card. And I was thinking that if I’m gonna buy a new SIM card, why not buy a phone I really like anyway. I think that would motivate me not to forget my phone at home all the time [>.<].

Hmmm, what kinds of phones do I like? Well, I’m not sure there’s a specific kind of phone I like. I guess just a phone that looks cool and Japanese keitai-ish *LOL*. My favorite color is green, so I’d love a nice green phone. But for some reason, I normally find that those pearl pink cell phones tend to look m0re Japanese. I don’t know, just my opinion.

MK must leave soon [;_;]. Wish I could stay longer, but I must get to work on something else that I have to get done today…

I hope I can get a nice phone soon, otherwise I’ll just have to keep my Motorola L6, which I was actually going to trade with my friend for a Motorola w375. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out [T_T].

”]My phone [^_^]

Phone that I was gonna trade

Phone that I was gonna trade

Which one do you like best? Any suggestions on cool phones? Looking at the pics they both look really nice. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t look half as nice in person….

I must leave now,