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When I grow up…

Konbanwa minna-san~♫! MK desu!

How are you all! I feel really bad that I haven’t posted here in like, five days O.O. And unfortunately for me (and you) I can’t expect any help from my co-bloggers who are both nowhere to be found ;_;. Anyway, I guess I’ll have to take care of things on my own for now -_-…

Random picture taken by Sachi-chan!

Random picture taken by MK!

OK, so today I don’t really have much of anything specific to blog about… u_u I guess my life isn’t as exciting as it should be at my age… But anyway, yesterday I went on a walk on one of the beaches here on my island. It’s a very distant and secluded beach that isn’t really meant to be swum in. The waters appear nice and beautiful from a distance, but I wouldn’t be wise if I decided to go swim there. Multiple people have actually died in the waters of that very beach 0.0! But never the less, it is a beautiful sight. I was very sorry that I didn’t have my camera on hand to take pictures to show you guys how beautiful the beach is there.

Anyway, yesterday I also had lots of time to think about my future. Recently this question has been continuously popping up in my mind:

What do I want for myself when I grow up?

Hmmm, well of course by now I’ve already put a whole lot of thought into this question, but if I think right now about the answer… I’m still not really sure…

There are definitely some things that I’m already sure about, like:

  • I want to be married by age 26, preferably around 24 years old.
  • I want to have more than just a high-school education (maybe even multiple degrees).

Umm… That seems to be about it. I’m not really sure about much of anything else. But here’s what I think for now:

  • I want to be a radiologist, which is a kind of doctor who specializes in using x-rays, ultrasounds, mammograms, MRIs etc.
  • I don’t think I want to have my own kids (although my husband will probably want them) but I think I want to adopt some underprivileged kids (if I’m as financially stable as I hope I’ll be ^.^) so I can give them a better life.

Yea, so I’m really not too sure about exactly what I want for my future yet, although I probably should be u_u…

About the whole “being a doctor” thing. I really never wanted to be a doctor, actually. I know some people seem to have just come out of the womb knowing that they’d one day be a doctor, or a lawyer, or… mechanic…? -_- I was never like that. I changed my mind so many times I can hardly remember all the random possibilities I thought up like, “taxi driver” 0.0 for example. *Lol* But anyway, I think that God’s plan for me is to be a doctor because for some reason I’m really good at biology and science and stuff and I really love those subjects (although everyone else in my family stinks at them).

But anyway, enough about me, what about you? Have you got your future planned out yet? And for those of you who are older and have already “grown up”, are things the way you imagined when you were a kid (like me)?

OK, enough of being nosey n_n!