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Quick Micro-Post

*God is always there when you need Him ^.^*

*God is always there when you need Him ^.^*

Tadaima minna-san!\[*v*]/

This is MK who is feeling very neutral at the moment.

Just now I randomly stumbled upon a pretty cool looking website. It seems to be Japanese, but when I use a Japanese translator on it, it doesn’t work. So, I tried a Chinese translator and, though it looks pretty much like gibberish, I can understand it better. (strange, I’m sure it’s not Chinese, though)

*tries to figure out how to get a cool chime on her blog*

OK, this isn’t really working out [-__-]. If only I could read Japanese….

Anyway, I was just browsing deviantart.com and decided to share this cool drawing with minna-san:

*LOL* How cute!

*LOL* How cute!

Unfortunately, MK must now leave [-__-]. *cries*

Sayou! (MK’s new word for sayounara)