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How to: Useful Windows Vista Shortcuts

Ohayou gozaimasu, minna-san! Genki desu wa? This is MK once again! How am I doing? Hmmm, life has by no means been a bed of roses lately -_-, but I’m just trying to stay positive (even though it’s pretty tough at the moment)… Anyway, so I’m going to start my first of:

MissionaryK’s Random How-to’s!

But first, I have a quick question before I start about the shortcuts:

Why do some men and women cheat on their spouses???

I mean, I know there can be all kinds of different reasons why they’d do that, but I just think it’s super sad and UBER selfish! ESPECIALLY if they have kids. And I mean, some people even “half cheat”, like they’re “just friends” but everyone knows they just get a little too close too many of the times Ɛ >`.´|||!… Forgive me if I’m making no sense-_-… There’s just a really irritating situation that seems to be going on “behind closed doors” at my school. And I’m really angry about it because it’s between two teachers, one that I like and one that I don’t like. The one I like is just sooo nice and he just seems to be the absolute perfect husband, but the one I don’t like is really… hmmm how do I say it?… she likes to “admire” good-looking guys and stuff (even though she’s married and has a kid). Anyway, so the nice teacher, he’s very attractive and so, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t cheat on his wife, but I’m pretty sure she would cheat on her husband. And she’s always following him and mentioning him in class etc. ! I really wish she’d back off and leave the guy alone.

Anyway *calms down*, wow that was actually not such a quick question… Ok, back to the main point of this post:

Windows Vista Shortcuts!

OK, of course these are probably not be all the shortcuts there are for Windows Vista, but none the less, here’s a list of shortcuts:

Note: “Win” means the windows key (the one that when you press it, it brings up the start menu.

* Win-Tab – brings up the Flip 3D
* Win-Space – this shows the sidebar
* Win-D – to show the desktop
* Ctrl Win-Tab: Flip 3D but one that stays on the desktop, you can then scroll with up, down, left and right keys
* Win-E – to open an explorer window
* Win-R – to open the run dialogue box
* Win-T – this tabs between running applications onto the taskbar
* Win-Q – this appears to launch Office communicator
* Win-G – pushes focus to the the sidebar the focus and when you press this key combination again it tabs between the gadgets on the sidebar
* Win-M – Minimizes all windows and just shows the desktop
* Shift Win-M – Undoes minimize windows
* Win-Number: Press the Win key and then choose a number of the applications that are in the quick launch task bar. An example the third icon on the taskbar (starting from left) is IE so to run IE press Win-3 and it will launch IE.

Alright, so those are the shortcuts I know of! Hmmm, I got this list from some other website… but I can’t remember where, it was a long time ago O.o.

GOMENNASAI to all of the users using Macintosh computers. Unfortunately, since my notebook is windows, I know no mac shortcuts. Maybe I’ll look some up in the future though.

OK, I must go now *bows*. Thank you, and goodday!

Mata ashita!*~