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Awesome The Sims 3 Trailer



Konbanwa minna-san!~9_thumb.gif

This is MK blogging to you from my family vacation. Right now we’re on our first stop on out 2-day trip to the US. We’re still in the Caribbean, on one of the neighboring islands. But we’re really enjoying our beautiful hotel room. We’re all pretty much just chillin’. My dad has been working so hard, he really deserves this vacation. It’s nice to see him rest for once.18

Anyway, MK is hoping to keep minna-san updated during this vacation. I’m planning to do a post whenever possible letting minna-san know what’s been up. I’m taking lots of pics to show minna-san.

MK failed to do a post yesterday, so just in case I don’t get time to finish my first vacation update, here’s one of my favorites on Youtube. It’s a The Sims 3 trailer. I really like it. Hopefully minna-san will to.

When MK gets a hold of her own copy of The Sims 3, she hopes to make her Sim similar to the Party Animal sims in this video. And I’m hoping to get it very soon!!!41(1)

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ShamWow Now!

*my stomach hurts*

*my stomach hurts*

Konnichiwa minna-san!9.gif

It’s been more than a week since MK‘s last post and I believe that that is mainly because MK’s been having some really troublesome issues with her internet connection21! Very, very frustrating!

So, for today’s post, MK’s just going to share a video with minna-san.

It’s a very funny parody of Black Eyed Peas’ song Boom Boom Pow. It’s called ShamWow Now! If you don’t know the song Boom Boom Pow, then it probably won’t seem that funny, so if you don’t know it, I suggest you check it out before watching this video. It’s a pretty catchy song, too.

Anyway… Enjoy!

I apologize for the very boring and shallow posts lately. MK’s been so lazy to finish doing a proper post. But I’ll try to do a good post soon!


Anime Love♥

*just watched "Prom Night"*

*just watched "Prom Night"*

Konbanwa minna-san!91

Once again MK apologizes for not having blogged in so long.

But now I’d like to share with minna-san two nice videos I found on youtube. They’re both about anime couples. MK’s a huge fan of Shoujo and any romance books or movies, so I was just surfing around for Anime Love videos.

Here’s what I found:

This first one is one I actually found since last year. I like the pictures (though it does include some yuri and yaoi pics), but I especially love the music in this video. After I heard this song on this video I downloaded it, because I love the song.

I’m not sure, but I believe the song is called Kaze no machi he by Tsubasa Chronicles.

This one is also very nice. One thing I like better about the first one, is that the music is in English and generally, in my opinion, not as fitting and apropriate for the video. But I like the pictures in this video much better than the first.

The song in this video is What’s Left of Me by Nich Lachey.31I hope you enjoyed the videos as much as I did. If only I could merge the two videos and make one with the music from the first video and the pictures of the second and I’d have an almost perfect video40.

Alright, it’s now time for MK to go.


Joy to the World!!!

Ohayou minna-san!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yay, Sachi-chan is able to do a quick post on Christmas day! Right now I’m doing my annual Christmas tradition of playing Christmas songs really loud through the house on Christmas day (and any other surrounding days that I wish ^_^). My family’s learned to adjust to the loud music during Christmas time •o•/{♫♪). *LOL*

Oh! Earlier this month I showed how to write Merry Christmas in katakana. I’ll show it again! You say it just about the same way you do in English –> Merii Kurisumasu!

Merii Kurisumasu!

Merii Kurisumasu!

Moving on… Today as I was searching online for some cool Christmas videos I stumbled upon two that I really like.

This first one is a house with it’s Christmas lights synchronized to Carol of the Bells by Arctic Express. I love Carol of the Bells! That’s why both of these videos are pretty much around this song. Anyway, here’s the first one:

Wow!! *o*/ If I’d been walking down the road and saw that, (specially the part with the chanting) I think I’d be kinda scared 0.0.  But it’s really very beautiful. I love it! I wanna do something like that at my house for next year. I’d probably have the whole island stop outside of my yard watching. *LOL*

On to the next video… This one I only like it because of the music. I couldn’t find just the file, so i just decided to post the video -_-. But anyway, I love this version of Carol of the Bells too. Since I’m a guitarist, I can really appreciate the awesome guitar ensemble there. I wish I could see them playing that song. Wonder how many guitars it took?

It gets a little too heavy metal-ish around 1:20. But that’s just my opinion, other than that it’s really cool.

-_- Unfortunately, I must stop here, we’re going over to Grandma’s house in a bit and I have to get ready *rolled out of bed this morning =_=*.

Have a very Merry Christmas, minna-san! Make sure to remember the real meaning of Christmas… The gift of Jesus Christ! ^.^!

Mata ashita!