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Konbanwa minna-san! It’s me MK doing a really quick post here, since I’m running a pretty tight schedule today. And then tomorrow, my families going overseas for the weekend so I probably won’t get much chance to blog then.

Anyway, so as many of you know, there’s been a whole lot of commotion going on about the new movie Twilight. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it yet (and I probably won’t get to see it any time soon T_T), but I’ve read much about it and I absolutely love the plot of the story, it’s so unusual and interesting *_*. Still, some have said that the movie’s not really all that it’s propped up to be u.u…

So, here’s a trailer from the movie…

Hmmm, seems pretty interesting, don’t you think? ^.^

OK, so, I gotta rush off right about now -_-. Sorry this post is so short today…

Oh! What do y’all think of the movie? Has anyone seen it? If so, is it as good as you thought it would be?

Again, this is MK signing off now!