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*I’m back!♪♫

Ohayou minna-san! How are you? This is MK, back from her weekend trip overseas!

What I'm munchin' on right now...

What I'm munchin' on right now...

That was fast, wasn’t it? Yes, on Friday I went on a short trip to one of the neighboring islands (sorry I can’t say the name of the island, I’ll just call it the Mysterious Island *_*). I didn’t exactly want to go, but unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a choice -_-. My parent’s decided we needed to spend “Family Time” together, and all my other family members were going so I couldn’t stay here alone (*was dragged onto plane by her neck*ˋ.ˊ||{!)).

Anyway, so now I’m going to tell y’all a little about my trip to this mysterious island

OK, so my stay on the mysterious island, was obviously very short, but before we left I expected there to at least be some free time when we could maybe go shopping, or swimming or something other than just driving around “getting things done”. But I was sadly mistaken, because I had no chance to go shopping, or swimming, or even just to go out dining or something. Actually, the closest we came to dining was a fast food lunch in the cafeteria of a supermarket T.T (how plain!).

But we did get to see some friends and family who we hadn’t seen in quite a long time, so that was one good thing.

Another good thing about our trip to the mysterious island, was that we got to stay in a pretty nice hotel. It was really big, lots of walking to get to the room, but something very lovely about that hotel was that it’s very near to this harbor place where lots of cruises and yachts come in ♥.♥ (MK loves yachts)! The rooms weren’t bad either, but the absolute best part of the room was the bathrooms. I even took videos of them!

↑That↑ one’s the smaller one, with only a shower (no bathtub). I still though it was really nice though. *.*

And ↑that’s↑ the bigger one from the main bedroom. Pretty *.*!

Those videos (taken by Sach-chan! ^.-) of the bathrooms. I dunno if it looks as good on video as it does in person though… Or maybe I just have bad taste in bathrooms… u_u.

Oh, one cool thing that happened at the hotel on the mysterious island is…

Saturday night, after coming home from a long day of “getting things done”, my mom, cousin and I were walking to our room. As we were walking we saw this cute little kitty cat! (<^•.•^>) Since she was so cute, and didn’t seem sickly or anything, I decided to pet her. She felt really fluffy and clean, even cleaner than my own cat, I think…? Anyway, so after I pet her, I pretty much expected her to just go about her business. But to our surprise, she started to follow us! I started playing with her, and actually became quite fond of her, so I took some pictures of her and called her Paws (because all of her paws are white)!



Sorry, this ones kinda blurry u_u...

Sorry, this ones kinda blurry u_u...

When we reached to our building, I expected her to leave, but she followed us all the way up to our room. Once we went inside, my dad wouldn’t let her come in, so she left ;_;. *wonders* Will I ever see Paws again?*sigh*

Night(robot boyfriend) and Riiko

Night(robot boyfriend) and Riiko

Anyway, so while I was on the mysterious island, I also got to read some manga, although not much. I read some of Zettai Kareshi, which is a pretty awesome shoujo about a girl who ends up with a perfect boyfriend, whose a robot. I’m probably gonna read further after I’m done blogging.

Oh! And before I went on my little trip to the mysterious island, I finished another good shoujo series called Kare First Love. That one’s just about a relationship between a guy and a girl, not much out of the ordinary. But it was a good series, I enjoyed reading it, though I thought the ending was weird.

Anyway, I’m gonna go now. God bless!

Sayounara! Mata ashita!