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MK’s Family Summer Vacation ~ Part 1

*Using Windows Live Writer* Ohayou minna-san!1

This is MK blogging to you from her beautiful hotel room where she and her family have been staying for two days and will be staying for about a week more!

Speaking of our hotel room, minna-san would probably like to see a couple pictures, ne? (Runs and snaps up a few pictures) Though I don’t have very many…


Looks like a house, ne?

Yes, that hotel “room” looks a lot more like a hotel “house”, doesn’t it? Well, sorry to burst minna-san’s bubble, but really, our room is just one part of this house that you see here.26

But it’s really not such a bad thing that we only get a small part of this house because our part is still pretty awesome!

*Looks for pictures of the inside of the room*

Unfortunately, MK must report to minna-san that all the pictures she has of the room have MK and her family in them. I’m sorry about that and I promise to post pictures of this beautiful room later. I hope minna-san will not mind the wait so much.17

I must leave you now. Sorry this post is so short. MK has very little time spent on her computer now because we’re always going somewhere or doing something. *Gomen*

I’ll be sure to try and blog again soon!


PS. Gomenassai for taking so long to post again. To MK’s great dismay, there’s no wireless internet connection in our beautiful hotel room, so I haven’t been able to connect on my laptop in day!26.gifHopefully I’ll get back on again soon!