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What a pretty song!

*just ate*

*just ate*

Ohayou minna-san!

MK is, again, quite busy today. Actually, I think I’m going to be even more busy today than I was yesterday. [>-<] *hits self for neglecting minna-san and the blog*

But of course it’s better to post a short post than to post nothing at all. So in order to keep minna-san from dying of boredom here, MK will share a song that she fell in love with the moment she heard it yesterday [*v*].

OK, so yesterday night after watching American Idol, I didn’t feel like immediately going to bed to I flipped around for something interesting to watch. I stumbled upon this Chinese channel. Some kinda of a big concert was going on. The beautiful lights and colors and dancing people seemed very sweet to MK’s eyes, so she decided to check it out. It seemed to be some kind of a concert with different Chinese singers. I ended up really enjoying most of the concert, especially since there were many beautiful decorations and probably hundreds of dancers! It was very beautiful!

Then a certain singer showed up and started to sing this song called “The Smiling Eyes”. I couldn’t gather any other info about the song or the singer at the time because pretty much everything was in Chinese [.___.]{?). The song was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL to MK’s ears!!! I could have cried! And what’s more, the singer looked absolutely gorgeous and she sounded flawless!

Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu

Of course I was desperate to find the song! So I looked it up and with thanks to the wonderful works of Google, MK was able to locate the song [^.^]!

It’s called “(The) Smiling Eyes” by Vivian Hsu, a Taiwanese… actor/singer/porn star ([O_O] I guess that might explain why she was so pretty). I read that some people find her voice not so nice, but MK has, by far, never heard such a nice Chinese performance before.

Anyway, I was looking everywhere for the file of the song itself, but [again] I’ll have to share with minna-san the music video.

[O_O] Was that guy blowing smoke out of his shoulder?? (see 1:03)

Unfortunately, MK can only guess what the song is about, since she speaks no Chinese/Taiwanese whatsoever and music videos can be quite misleading.

Anyway, MK very much enjoyed the concert and hopes to see more Chinese concerts again in the future.

I must leave now!