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A small part of my youth

Hello, everyone! Hmmm… what shall I blog about today?… *thinking* Oh I know!

—> Scoubidous! <—

Ok, you’re probably wondering what in the world ^that^ word means. So… I’m going to tell you!!! *_* Aren’t you excited!? ^.^ (well, ok, it’s not that exciting… but anyway, here I go!)

OK, earlier today, I saw this old book that I have in my bookshelf about Scoubidous. The book brings back many memories of when I was a little younger, that’s why I decided to blog about this today. Ok, so what are scoubidous?


Scoubidou (pronounced like Scooby-Doo) is a plaiting and knotting craft, originally aimed at children. Scoubidous are supple, round and hollow plastic tubes usually about 80 centimeters in length. They are sold in various colors, sizes and types, and are used to make various items by binding them together with special knots. Key chains, friendship bands and other trinkets are most commonly woven, although more complicated shapes and figures can also be created.” (from www.wikipedia.org)



So, now that you know what scoubidous are, I can begin my blabberings about them ^_^!

OK, so when I was younger, scoubidous became very popular where I live. Within a few weeks of the first people starting with them, tons of girls and even sometimes boys were no longer paying attention in classes because they were all too busy working on their latest scoubidou projects.

Here’s how scoubidous first became a part of my life: One day, I got a mysterious dutch book from one of my

The mysterious book o.o

The mysterious book o.o

friend’s moms. It was called “Scoubidou – Vakantieboek” (Scoubidou – Vacation book). At first I couldn’t fully understand it, but I had my mom explain me what it was about. Plus there are many pictures inside (some of which I’ll show you), so it was easy to figure out what was being said inside.

I quickly learned how to make the easiest kind (the square stitch) and was slowly on my way to becoming a scoubidou master! I practiced and practiced making all kinds of beautiful scoubidous. Sometimes I even made them for other people. Eventually my backpack was full of scoubidou keychains. And it was a funny sight because at the time I had a Scooby-Doo bag, so I had Scooby-Doo and scoubidous on my bag ^.^.

So, that was a little about my embarrassing past. Now let me show you all some pictures of some really pretty scoubidous! These are all pictures from ^”Scoubidou – Vakantieboek”^. (credits to my trusty little camera [again] ^v^)

Square-knot scoubidous - the simplest kind

Square-stitch scoubidous - the simplest kind

Circle-knot scoubidous - a little bit harder than square-knots

Circle-stitch scoubidous - slightly harder than square-stitch



all kinds of lovely scoubidous... I can't make any of these anymore T_T.

All kinds of lovely scoubidous... I can't make any of these ;_;

Scoubidou people. *hmm* The one on the right kinda looks like me!*lol*

Scoubidou people. *hmm* The one on the right kinda looks like me!

More pretty scoubidous☼

More pretty scoubidous☼

That’s it! 0_0 That took longer than I expected… hmm. Oh! If you want, I could make a how-to about how to make scoubidous (MK’s Random How-to’s! ^.^/~).

Let me know what you think of them (and about my embarrassing past ;_;) and whether or not I should make a how-to on making scoubidous! I’m off now!

Sayounara ~ ♥!