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False Anticipation T_T

Ohayou! This is Sachi-chan, who’s been in a really cruddy mood since last night -_- (which is why my name’s written in maroon instead of the usual pink). How are you? Are you all getting into the Christmas spirit?

OK, I don’t really have much to blog about in particular, so I’m just gonna start by telling a little about why I’m in this cruddy mood…

Have you ever had something that you’d been waiting for so long and then when you got it, it didn’t turn out to be even half of what you anticipated?

Something like that happened to me this weekend;_;. I’d been looking forward to something happening for a really long time. And some weeks or so before it was supposed to happen, I was given reason to expect it to be even better than I’d though it would have been all those months that I was waiting for it. This caused me to look forward to it even more. Then when the thing that I was so looking forward to happened, it was not what I expected and hoped for it to be T.T….

Alright, y’all probably still can’t really grasp just what I mean… so I’ll just give y’all a little extra detail: The thing I was so looking forward to, was seeing a friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

*sigh* I actually don’t feel much like blogging so much at the moment, I’ll probably blog again later today if I don’t feel just as crappy as I do right now T.T…


PS. Sorry if I’m spreading vibes of sadness and depression -_-… I’ll try to perk up soon. *cries*