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MK’s been tagged

*wearing headphones while not listening to music*


Good day, minna-san! Genki desu ka?Text emote 9

MK had two pretty difficult tests to do today. I’m sure I passed them both, but I know I’m not going to do as great as I usually do, and that’s lame26. What’s most disappointing is that the main reason I didn’t do so great is because I barely studied even though I was warned that these two tests would be more difficult.

Anyway, I can’t do anything about that now. Let’s focus on some positive news:

I’ve been tagged by Ms. Aya from PaperDiaries.com!

So… I’m going to get that done immediately. Because MK has noticed that she’s quite prone to let her tags pile up and never get any of them posted *Gomen*.

1.My Name : Oprah Winfrey *winks*
2.My birthday : 29th June.
3.Who tagged you : Ms.Aya.
4.Name 5 best friends : God, Nami-chan, Yoshi-kun… and some other people…
5.What do you wish for birthday : THE SIMS 3!!!
6.Happy things that happened recently : Spent a lot of time with good friendsText emote 6
7.Most stressed about recently : Tests
8.What is your dream about future: I hope to be living somewhere nice… hmm, I think I need to do a post about this soon…
9.Do you have someone you like : Depends what you mean by “like”. I have many friends that I like. But if one is refering to a crush. MK does have a secret crush.41(1)
10.Will you visit your ex-teacher in a classmate gathering : Definitely.
11.Most happy to hang out with : My guy buddies…
12.If two of your friends are having conflicts : I’ll try to help them figure it out as best as possible… But one must try not to over-involve one’s self in another’s conflict.
13.Where is preferably the place to go with your lover : There’s this really romantic historic path here on my island. It’s got a great view of the bay. It’s especially romantic in the night.
14.What to do on Christmas : Hang out with family and friends. Exchange gifts and play new video games (which we got for Christmas. Also, one must always take some time on Christmas to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas in the first place –> Jesus Christ.
15.Who do you want to celebrate Christmas with : Lots of friends and family
16.Bad habit when waking up early in the morning : Repeatedly pressing the “Snooze” button on my alarm clock and continuing to sleep, thereby defeating the purpose of having the alarm clock in the first place *LOL*.
17.How many siblings do you have : 1 big sister and 1 little brother.
18.Favorite song(Female) : Long Kiss Goodbye by Halcali.
19.Favorite song(Male) : Touchdown Turnaround by Hellogoodbye.
20.Favorite Color(s): Green.
21.Flush before using the toilets?: If it’s dirty (person who used before didn’t flush *EEEUW!*) then of course I flush it.
22.Love me not? : Mmm’kay? 19
23.Affectionate to guys or girls : None… MK has an affection problem… [>_<]
24.What do you want to shout out loudly: “GOD IS LOVE!!! LIFE’S GOOD!!!” (That was two things)
25.Do you dare to go toilets alone in the middle of the night?: It depends, if I’m at home, I have no problem But if we’re at McDonald’s, then I probably wouldn’t.
26.Will you take off your undies while in the WC : Huh? What kind of question is this?!
27.Who’s the bastard : The Devil…? It’s not nice to call people bastards… [n_n]
28.What’s the current affection : Hmmm, OH! THE SIMS 3!
29.Ugly when asleep: I don’t know, I’m asleep. Duh!
30.Whats the time now : 3:04 p.m.
31.Do you hate the person who tagged you : No… Why’d they tag someone who hates them.
32.Weight: 51kg
33.Weather today : Nice sunny day.
34.Are you pregnant: No…?
35.What will you do if you win a lottery: Go on a mission trip.
36.An activity that must be done while in the Uni -life : No comply…?

【People Tagged】 :

Text emote 2I’ve got no one to tag… Well, in that case. Anyone who’s kind enough to stop by MK’s blog is officially tagged.


OK, now for the status on MK’s shoes: I recently got word from my grandpa that they’re currently on one of the neighboring islands. Apparently something went wrong and my package ended up being shipped there instead of here. So now the objective is to get MK’s package here so she can make use of her awesome shoes~!Text emote 14

Alright, I’m dying of hunger now, so I gotta go.


Weekends of Bliss!

Ohayou minna-san! It’s MK!!! OK, my weekends aren’t really that blissful -_-, but I just didn’t want the title of this post to sound all depressed and boring.

Anyway, I was recently speaking to one of my friends about what I spend my Saturday nights doing. I realized then that, my weekends… are actually… *sniff*… really lame T_T.

Maybe my weekends are just like most people’s weekends and I’m misled, or I’m right and my weekends are loserly -_-.

Ok, so here’s a little description of an average weekend in the life of MK:

On Friday, when I come home from school, I normally just change and watch TV, play video games[The sims 2/Wii etc.] or go online[surf the net/chat/blog]. I do that until around 6pm when our family has Sabbath worship to welcome the Sabbath.

On the Sabbath, after going to church from around 9am-12pm, we normally do christian things and just chill out with friends and family. Sabbath ends at around 6pm on Saturday, so after that, I normally just spend my Saturday nights at home watching TV, playing video games or going online[surfing the net/chating/blogging]. Sometimes, though, I either hang out at a friend’s house or have some friends over at my place. We normally find pretty fun, random things to do.

Anyway, on to Sundays. Sunday is the laziest day of the week. On Sundays I don’t really have a set plan or schedule. I just basically do nothing or whatever I have that needs to get done, I can always do those things on Sundays.

Yup, so that’s basically what my weekends normally look like. So tell me, are my weekends loserly T_T? Or are your weekends similar to mine? Why not tell what your weekends are generally like?


MissionaryK’s Random How-to’s![coming soon]

~Ohaiyou everyone!~ *Waves at readers and fellow bloggers* Are you having a nice day?

I noticed something the other day. It’s important for a blog to consist of not only personal posts, but informational posts too. Posts where the blogger(s) share their knowledge about a certain topic with readers. Come to think of it, the main blog that I read (other than this one of course ^v^), I first stumble upon it through one of their how-to posts.

So now I’m taking the hint and starting my own How-to’s. Only, there’s a problem… I thought and thought about what skills I have that I could blog about… and I couldn’t think of anything T_T. So I decided, instead of just posting about how to do one thing, why not just post about different random things that come to mind?

So, there you have it, my plan for MK’s Random How-to’s!!! (pretty catchy title, don’t ya think? ^.^) So in addition to my regular posts about normal stuff, I’ll be writing random how-to’s every once in a while. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Bye Bye!