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The Road That no one Walks on…


^The Sims 2: Apartment Life^

Ohayou minna-san! *waves* MK [again]… Hmmm, I wonder where Namine is after that “beautiful” post apologizing for not posting for so long?… T_T

Today has been a very typical day… -_- Nothing really special has happened and I’m actually quite bored. One not-so-lame thing that happened today is that my mom bought me a really cool game that I’ve wanted for a long time! It’s The Sims 2: Apartment Life! I’m actually a HUGE fan of The Sims games since years ago! But I played the game for hours already and I’m still bored -_-…

So I decided to share a beautiful poem with you! It’s a poem from Chobits, the anime and I just completely fell in love with this poem the first time I heard it. Yet, I can’t promise you’ll like it as much as I do… When I showed it to some other people, most of them didn’t see anything special about it, so maybe it’s just me •_•{?).

Here it is:


The Road That no one Walks on…

No one is walking on this road.
There are houses, yes, and light shines from their windows.
But no one is walking on this road.
I look in from one of the windows
There are people, but they already have someone special with them.
I look into other houses as well.
The people in them also have someone special with them.
Because being with someone special is fun.

Much more fun than being alone.
So, no one comes outside anymore.
No one walks on this road.

I am going on a journey. I will go to another city.
Wishing that someone will find me.
But when the one for me would fall for me…
That would be the moment that he and I would have to separate.
But still, I want to meet the one who is right for me.

Thinking on this, I depart again…
On the road no one walks on.


So, that was it… kinda depressing, I know, but for some reason I just think it’s beautiful. *_*

Am I as much of a weirdo as I think I am, or do you guys agree that this is an awesome poem? Lemme know what you think!