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MK’s long-awaited PALM CENTRO Review!!!




Is minna-san having a lovely day today? Well, MK has wonderful news…

My Palm Centro (dream keitai) has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! MK is still in awe that her phone which she worked so long and hard for, has finally arrived in her hands! [•◊•]{?!)

I actually got it on Friday, so MK will share with minna-san a quick story of when she recieved her phone:

It was Friday, I had just gotten home from my unexpected trip to the hospital (I was having issues with my heart – gonna have to give blood tomorrow [0.0] for them to figure out what’s up). I decided, since I was going out of the house to go to work, I might as well pass by the Post Office on my way there. I really didn’t expect for anything to be there because they said they’d call me when it arrived. But I went anyway, and to my surprise, the guy working there called me over and said that MY PACKAGE HAD ARRIVED!!! MK stayed very calm as the package was handed over to her (didn’t want to act crazy in front of all those people). After recieving two packages (one with new keitai and one for grandpa), I walked quickly to the phone company placey where I bought a SIM card for my new phone! I wasn’t fully sure whether I should go to work with my package and open it there (I had about 25 min before I had to be at work), or if I should run home and quickly unbox the phone and carry it to the shop. I decided to do the last option, that’s why the pictures for the review will seem a bit rushed…

Alright, time for the pictures of the…


Note: Many of these pictures are pretty much pointless, but at the time MK felt as though she had to record every step of the unboxing.

OK, so MK quickly opened her box and saw purple bubble-wrap. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen purple bubble-wrap before in my life…

Purple Bubblewrap - fun to play with!

Purple bubble-wrap - fun to play with!

So, after taking out the pretty purple bubble-wrap, MK discovered, to her fascination…. [0.0]

Under the bubble-wrap

The box of her PALM CENTRO!!!!

I then took the box out of the shipping box, with much caution – didn’t want anything to go wrong…

Palm Centro box - Let's see what's inside, shall we?

Palm Centro box - Let's see what's inside, shall we?

Inside of the box I found…

– A “Read this First” Booklet…

Of course, I did not read it first - Who has time for that?

Of course, I did not read this first - Who has time for that?

– A “Quick Reference” Booklet.

Will keep this, I know it'll come in handy

Will keep this, I know it'll come in handy

– A “Palm Desktop Software Installation CD”….

Installed this at work

Installed this at work

After getting through the little booklets and un-important stuff….

– THE PALM CENTRO!!!! [•◊•]{*GASP*)

[*o*]{HALLELUJIAH!!!) *screams*

*O*{HALLELUJIAH!!!!) - (Srry about the flash)

Took it out of plastic

Took it out of plastic

Back of phone

Back of phone - srry, bad pic

By this point MK is bursting with joy! My brother was just ignoring me while I was making a whole lot of noise. It was kinda funny (MK’s brother → (¬_¬)

– Here are the leftover contents in the box↓

Charger, USB Cable, Headphones

Charger, USB Cable, Headphones


So… That was the unboxing of MK’s new Palm Centro!

Something that MK noted as she was unboxing:

  • The size of the phone. Trust me when I say this. The Palm Centro is a very decieving little guy. When you see him in pictures, he looks so big and fat and heavy. But when you see him in person… it’s quite a shock. At least it was for me.

The tiny size of the phone is one of my favorite things about this phone. I’ve never been a fan of big chunky phones that look like a PSP, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see just how small it is.

One thing that many people seem to complain about with this phone, concerning it’s size, is the keyboard. Honestly, it is quite small. And I can understand why most people would have a problem with that. It’s not such a big deal for me because my hands aren’t that big. But I wouldn’t advise my dad or any man above the age of 11 to get this phone because I really don’t know how someone with hands as big as my dad’s (or bigger) could manage with such a tiny phone.

So, the keyboard can easily become unbearable if you don’t have small hands. That’s why I think that in general, you should only buy this phone if you’re a teenage girl or a woman with really small hands. Advice to anyone who’s planning on buying a Palm Cento: Try it out, if you can.

OK, on to…


The Palm Centro has a 1.3 megapixel camera. Nothing special…. It can take pictures (2x zoom) and record videos (no zoom).

MK took two pictures with her Centro:

No zoom

No zoom - LOL Hello Kitty!



Sorry about the lame topics of my pics. I really didn’t have anything interesting to take pics of [-_-].

Now for the video…. OK, I did this video myself. Very embarrassing, but again, I had nothing better to tape…


Uh oh! The type of file that the Centro’s videos are cannot be uploaded… [-__-] I’m gonna have to look for a converter if I want to be able to use those vids for anything. Accept my apologies [u_u]…

Hmmm, what else is there to say?

Don’t have much else to say. One bad thing is that the USB cable is kinda hard to disconnect from the phone and I’m always afraid that I might break something while pulling it so hard to get it out…

About how MK’s enjoying having this new phone:

I really love it. Of course I don’t get tons of calls, and I have a prepaid cellphone account, so I always have to watch how much I’m calling or texting. But I do really like being able to always contact whoever I need to contact. Also, I’ve set up twitter on my phone, so I can send tweets through text messages, which is very cool…

Alright, MK is getting tired. This has been a very long post and I’m now ready to retire to my quarters to enjoy my phone some more! [^-^]v


Even more Keitai Craziness!!!

Ohayou minna-san! This is MK who is not sure exactly what to blog about today. Hmmm *thinks*

Well, as minna-san might know by now, one thing that is constantly lingering in MK’s mind is: “Palm Centro!!!”. *nervous laugh* Yes, yes, I know. Minna-san is extremely sick of MK’s endless blabberings about this phone. [-_-]

But LOOK! MK was just googling “Centro” (as is now a routine activity for her *blush*) when she stumbled upon an interesting blog post:

Report from bizarro world: Centro, i760 best designed phones

Although “innovative” isn’t exactly the word we chose to use when summing up Palm’s Centro, apparently the public at large sees things a little differently — or, so says this report, anyway. According to a buyer behavior writeup from Strategy Analytics, the Centro “attracted the most attention from nearly half of the tested US consumers who are intending to purchase a new mobile device” in Q4, and it even ranked ahead of the second-place Samsung i760 in the “appealing” department. Both of the aforementioned handsets were hailed as the top choices (saywha?) for folks “seeking a multifunction, fully integrated device,” while the Nokia Prism and LG Rumor also got a few props along the way. Of course, it’s always best to take these “studies” with a healthy serving of salt, but if you wanted something to debate about, you’ve found it.

↑From Engadget.com↑

OK, it’s obvious that the writer of this post isn’t as big a fan of the Centro as MK is [u_u], but according to the study or analysis or whatever, many others agree with MK [^_^]. Hmmm, but honestly, does minna-san find the Centro a nice phone? Judging by this blogger’s tone, there are also others who probably dislike MK’s dream phone [;_;].

But anyway, I don’t mind so much if others don’t like my phone [-_-]. I think I’d mind more if I don’t like my phone, ne?

Moving on…

At the moment, there’s no specific color that I want, and I hope it stays this way, because I don’t wanna be totally bummed if I can’t get a specific color. I learned that you can’t get the pearl pink Centro unless you’re with Sprint. [-_-] Bummer. Plus there are some these two other colors that I love! But they’re from Sprint [;_;].

Off-limit colors to Sachi-chan [T.T]

Off-limit colors to MK *cries*

Why do all the cool colors have to be off-limits. *drat!*

There are some basic colors that you can get directly from Palm Factory unlocked. They’re all pretty plain, especially that navy blue one *gag*. The red one isn’t so bad though. That one’s a little less boring. ↓

Palm Centro Colors

Palm Centro unlocked factory colors

But thankfully, it seems some carriers like AT&T sell their phones unlocked too. I saw a really cool electric blue Centro on Ebay and… IT WAS UNLOCKED! \[^v^]/{yokatta!)

Its pretty!

It's pretty!

So, here are the colors I want lined up by how much I like them (1= LOVE IT! /5= Whatever *shrugs*)

  1. Electric blue!!! (of course!)
  2. Red
  3. Black (I would decorate this one)
  4. White
  5. Navy Blue (*sigh*)

Maybe, somehow, Sprint will also start to sell their phones unlocked too! [*v*]

Alright, enough blabber for today! What does minna-san think? Which color do you like best?

Oh! Just a random question for anyone who might know (per chance): If you look at the left side of the keyboard, under the letter “A” there’s a blank key. What is that key? Thanks to anyone who will help MK.