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Manga Drawings

*feeling very refreshed and relaxed*

*feeling very refreshed and relaxed*

Ohayou minna-san!Text emote 9

As you’ll note by my greeting above, it’s early in the morning right now (about 7:30am).

MK has gotten off to a very early start this morning for she was planning to get straight to work on an assignment which she has to get done for today. But it seems I’ve gotten off to an earlier start than I’d predicted, so now I’ve actually got some free time on my hands!

That’s why I’ve finally got time t0 blog again!!!Text emote 14

But although I do have some free time, I still have limited time, so…  let’s get to it!


Oh! Before I got to blogging, I checked out Deviantart.com for some cool manga pictures. Here are some cool ones that I found!

(Of course I have heeded Ms. Aya’s crucial instructions.) By clicking on the picture you’ll be linked to the artist’s page at Deviantart.)

by Gofu-web

by Gofu-web

Although this pictrue is just a simple drawing, I find it so pretty and deep. The shading is perfect, the eyes are beautiful the perspective is also great. This artist is clearly very skilled and talented. MK hopes to be able to draw like this one day [n_n].

by Lollipop_Kizz

by Lollipop_Kizz

What caught my eye initially about this picture was the pretty colors. But when I look at it more closely, I really like that even though this drawing has been digitally colored and enhanced, it still has a very hand-drawn feel to it that I really dig.

OK, time has run away from me more quickly than I’ve noticed, so MK only has time for one more drawing… *searches for most beautiful and impressive drawing*

by Junwing

by Junwing

Alright, I’m really not sure why, but whenever MK looks for an “impressive” piece of manga art, she always seems to lean more toward the traditional hand-drawn pen and pencil  drawings *shrugs*.

Anyway, this is a really intense impressive drawing of one of my favorite manga characters, Gaara (though I don’t really like evil Gaara half as much as when he turns good). Love the shading. The hands are flawless (and I know hands are – at least for me – very difficult to draw). And I’m not expert in kanji, but even his tattoo seems perfectly drawn! Nice work!

OK, MK must now run along quickly if she’s going to make it to school in time.


Latest Masterpiece

Konbanwa minna-san! MK desu!

Today I started working on my latest manga MASTERPIECE!!!

OK, it’s not really a masterpiece, but it’s a piece that I plan to put a whole lot of effort into during the next few days. And I’m going to post this piece here as it appears in the different “phases of development”.

The first two “phase of development” (the ones I did today) are:

  1. The drawing of the original image (simple sketch done in pencil)
  2. The tracing of the image in pen (this is so that the picture will show up clearly when it’s scanned)

Now, note: I’m no expert so expect the least in my work and please think nothing of it if my way of creating my work is different or less effective than others. I appreciate any tips, though.

OK, so here’s my drawing in Phase 1:

^.^ It's Sachi-chan!

^.^ It's MK!

I know, doesn’t look very much like MK, but it’s supposed to be a self-portrait. But hopefully the color will make a big difference in making this look like MK. Hmmm, I should get rid of that mole. MK doesn’t have a more -_- *wishes she did*

But I must leave now (gomen). Today was a busy day. Look out for the last phase of my piece soon!


What do I know about Naruto?

Ohayou minna-san! MK is going to blog quickly because she has a very busy day ahead of her [-_-]…

I’m currently personalizing my PSP. Just like my computer, I like to keep my PSP always looking nice and new. So I regularly change backgrounds themes etc. [^_^] I try to give my PSP the best treatment!

My PSP! ^_^

My PSP! ^_^ (sorry it's not so clear)

Hmmm, what shall I blog about today?


I’ll blog about…


To be completely honest, I really am not a huge fan of Naruto. I initially only thought it was cool because it’s an anime, but that it basically. Oh and Gaara \[♥.♥]/!

Sand Siblings - Temari, Gaara and Kankuro

Sand Siblings - Temari, Gaara♥ and Kankuro

I mean, in the earlier stages of the anime, Gaara’s a real psycho jerk-freak [O_o]! He’s all sadistic and… just plain insane [;_;]. But I’ve always found him intriguing. Like he must have had some kind of a traumatic experience (sorry, I haven’t seen the entire series, so I don’t know if maybe the answer to this question is right in the show [^_-]) or something. I think I read something on Wikipedia about something with his creator or whatever.

But anyway, I especially LOVE Gaara when he turns good \[^▽^]/~{SUGOI NE)!!! It’s nice to see such a serious, scary guy like Gaara become a good guy [^_^]~♥.

Anyway, minna-san must be wondering how MK knows all of this about Naruto if she doesn’t like the show?

Well, doesn’t every anime fan know some stuff about Naruto? It’s like one of the most popular anime. Plus, my brother’s a HUGE Naruto fan. He talks about it all the time, reads the manga, watches the anime, plays the video games and more!!! [0.0] Also, MK sometimes puts extra effort into finding information about Gaara [^_^]! He’s just so interesting!


Hmmm, well I can’t really come up with too much else to say about Naruto… Oh! I know, I’ll show minna-san some cool Naruto pictures! (Just a few)

Naruto and Sakura (Shippuden)

Naruto and Sakura (Shippuden)

LOL! *Kakashis so funny with that book in his hand*

LOL! *Kakashi's so funny with that book in his hand*


OK, I think that’s about enough now… *still dazed ↑ [@.@]{ Whoa)* LOL! If you click on the pictures it’ll take you to the deviantart.com page that I got them from. I’ll have to do more picture displays in the future. [^_^]

Speaking of which, since MK now has a working scanner, look out for some new drawings of hers! Though they’ll probably be worse than the last ones I posted, since I didn’t practice much during the vacation [u_u].

I gotta go now [-_-]… This has been a post by MK! It’s been fun blogging today, but now it’s time for work [-_-]…

Ja~ne! [^.-]v!

What is Love?

Konbanwa. Sachi-chan desu.

*sigh* Right now I’m feeling really sad and empty-ish. So I decided to check out deviantart.com for nice manga pictures. I stumbled upon this really cool one.

What is Love?

What is Love?

What do you think? I absolutely love it! And not just because Gaara’s the coolest character ever! *LOL* I also love that his kanji tatoo is clearly visible and how even though he’s such a serious character he finds love intriguing. [^_^]. *LOL*

Anyway, that’s all for today. I still can’t seem to shake this gloomy mood [-_-]. Even with my happy emoticons. [;_;]…

Sayounara… -_-

*I’m back!♪♫

Ohayou minna-san! How are you? This is MK, back from her weekend trip overseas!

What I'm munchin' on right now...

What I'm munchin' on right now...

That was fast, wasn’t it? Yes, on Friday I went on a short trip to one of the neighboring islands (sorry I can’t say the name of the island, I’ll just call it the Mysterious Island *_*). I didn’t exactly want to go, but unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a choice -_-. My parent’s decided we needed to spend “Family Time” together, and all my other family members were going so I couldn’t stay here alone (*was dragged onto plane by her neck*ˋ.ˊ||{!)).

Anyway, so now I’m going to tell y’all a little about my trip to this mysterious island

OK, so my stay on the mysterious island, was obviously very short, but before we left I expected there to at least be some free time when we could maybe go shopping, or swimming or something other than just driving around “getting things done”. But I was sadly mistaken, because I had no chance to go shopping, or swimming, or even just to go out dining or something. Actually, the closest we came to dining was a fast food lunch in the cafeteria of a supermarket T.T (how plain!).

But we did get to see some friends and family who we hadn’t seen in quite a long time, so that was one good thing.

Another good thing about our trip to the mysterious island, was that we got to stay in a pretty nice hotel. It was really big, lots of walking to get to the room, but something very lovely about that hotel was that it’s very near to this harbor place where lots of cruises and yachts come in ♥.♥ (MK loves yachts)! The rooms weren’t bad either, but the absolute best part of the room was the bathrooms. I even took videos of them!

↑That↑ one’s the smaller one, with only a shower (no bathtub). I still though it was really nice though. *.*

And ↑that’s↑ the bigger one from the main bedroom. Pretty *.*!

Those videos (taken by Sach-chan! ^.-) of the bathrooms. I dunno if it looks as good on video as it does in person though… Or maybe I just have bad taste in bathrooms… u_u.

Oh, one cool thing that happened at the hotel on the mysterious island is…

Saturday night, after coming home from a long day of “getting things done”, my mom, cousin and I were walking to our room. As we were walking we saw this cute little kitty cat! (<^•.•^>) Since she was so cute, and didn’t seem sickly or anything, I decided to pet her. She felt really fluffy and clean, even cleaner than my own cat, I think…? Anyway, so after I pet her, I pretty much expected her to just go about her business. But to our surprise, she started to follow us! I started playing with her, and actually became quite fond of her, so I took some pictures of her and called her Paws (because all of her paws are white)!



Sorry, this ones kinda blurry u_u...

Sorry, this ones kinda blurry u_u...

When we reached to our building, I expected her to leave, but she followed us all the way up to our room. Once we went inside, my dad wouldn’t let her come in, so she left ;_;. *wonders* Will I ever see Paws again?*sigh*

Night(robot boyfriend) and Riiko

Night(robot boyfriend) and Riiko

Anyway, so while I was on the mysterious island, I also got to read some manga, although not much. I read some of Zettai Kareshi, which is a pretty awesome shoujo about a girl who ends up with a perfect boyfriend, whose a robot. I’m probably gonna read further after I’m done blogging.

Oh! And before I went on my little trip to the mysterious island, I finished another good shoujo series called Kare First Love. That one’s just about a relationship between a guy and a girl, not much out of the ordinary. But it was a good series, I enjoyed reading it, though I thought the ending was weird.

Anyway, I’m gonna go now. God bless!

Sayounara! Mata ashita!

Into my sketchbook

Hello, MK again!

I recently said I’d post some of my artwork just as soon as I got my scanner fixed. But I’ve been trying to figure out what the problem is in vain. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get my drawings scanned any time soon. So I’ve decided to just use my camera. And since I’m also a horrible photographer (my pictures often come out blurry), I apologize for any problems seeing any of these *bows*-_-.

Here are some of my manga drawings!


Sorry, this one's a bit hard to see

Angry girl

Angry girl

One of my earlier drawings

One of my earlier drawings

Chibi! Another old drawing

Chibi! Another old drawing

I like this one. *_*

I like this one. *_*

I don't like this one much -_-

I don't like this one much -_-

Alright, so that was a little peek into my sketchbook. I know, I know, I’m not very good yet, but I’m definitely much better than I was before (I was even more of a noob before T_T).

So what do you think? Do you like any of them, per chance? Or do they stink -_-? If so, any tips on how I could get better? I’d really appreciate tips!



My love of Manga and Anime!

Ohaiyou everyone! This is MK posting once again!

OK, today I don’t really have much to blog about, given I’ve been having some pretty sour days lately – friend problems, school problems, staying at home all day, doing nothing -_-. So I decided to blog some about two of my top interests,

Manga and Anime ^.^

I know many of you are probably also interested in Manga and Anime, making this an even more suitable topic to blog about!

How I became a manga and anime fan

Ok, about a year or two ago, I bumped into this guy at our school who’s a really talented artist. He normally just draws regular drawings of random things like horses or people. But this time he showed me a manga that he was drawing. I was completely blown away, because I had never seen someone hand draw a manga before (I know, I don’t get out much). So I was totally inspired to try to learn to draw manga. I had always wished I had a natural talent with art, but that’s just not the case, anyway, I was inspired right then and there to learn to draw manga!^.^ So I inquired to the art teacher about how I could learn to draw manga. She told me to check out some sites online about it. I did and I slowly started learning techniques and improving my horrible drawing skills.

At this time I was still not really interested in reading manga or watching anime yet, but after some time, I was at a friend’s house when I saw that she was reading some manga books on her computer. I initially joined her only because I knew it’d help me draw better manga if I got more used to how it looks. But after a while I wasn’t only focusing on the art at all! It was pretty fun! So from then on I started to have an interest in Manga and Anime.

Ok, so the some of the manga that I really really like are:

Me and My Brothers!

Me and My Brothers!

  • Me and My brothers – A story about a 14-year-old girl who becomes an orphan and is left to her four older brothers who she only knew when she was too young to remember. It’s a very funny comedy! At least I think so.
  • Kare first LoveA romance about a nerdy girl who meets a really confident handsome rich guy. The story follows their bumpy relationship. I LOVE SHOUJOS (romance manga’s)!
  • Hana-KimiA shoujo about a girl who disguises herself as a boy and enters a boys’ boarding school to meet her idol – a teenage high jumper named Izumi Sano. She also meets a really funny guy named Nakatsu (I think) who falls in love with her and starts to think he’s gay because he thinks she’s a guy. °~° Kinda confusing, I know. *LOL*

Yea, those are basically my favorite manga’s for now. OK, now for my favorite anime:

  • ChobitsAbout a guy who finds a persocom (some kind of a super smart robot computer – looks just like a person). When he finds her she knows hardly anything and the only word she can say is “Chi” and therefore he calls her “Chi”. The story follows the guy as he teaches Chi all kinds of things and discovers the secrets of Chii’s past (ooooh!!O.O).


  • NanaA shoujo about two girls named Nana who meet in a train and end up being room mates. They are completely opposites. One Nana (also called Hachi by the other Nana) is very perky and childish whereas the other Nana, is an edgy, lead singer of a rock band. Despite their differences they become the best of friends! ^_^
  • Ai Mai Mi Strawberry Eggs! – A shoujo about a guy who applys for a job at a school near where he lives. He gets rejected by the school because he is a man and the school is a really weird girls’ boarding school when it is taught that men are all evil savages! He disguises himself as a woman and applies again and gets accepted. At the school he and one of the students start to fall in love with each other 0.0… yea, you’ll have to watch it for the rest. It’s an awfully weird anime.

Yep, those are some of the manga’s I’ve read and anime I’ve watched. I gotta go watch my scheduled program now! *LOL*

Sayounara everyone!