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Kid Guitar Genius!

*In awe*

*In awe*

Oyasumi minna-san!

It is MK who is currently watching this awesome video of a guy playing a piece on the guitar. It’s really amazing! I’ll let minna-san see for themselves:

WOW!\[OΔO]/{!) OH MY!!!! Even though I’ve seen it like 10 times it’s still so insane! WOW! He’s REALLY good, and that’s a definite understatement. Minna-san should have seen MK totally in awe of this guy! Wow!

*stares blankly* [0_o]

That was just too much!… Wow!

OK, MK will stop drooling over this guy’s awesome performance now. But really! Isn’t minna-san in complete awe along with MK?

Maybe it’s part because I’m a guitarist… or not. I think this should be awesome to anyone though, musician or not, right?

wow… [x.x]

BRAVO, mister guitar kid. If you’re reading this by some tiny chance, “MK is a great big fan of your guitar playing, man!” *applauds*

OK, MK will now calm down and head to bed. [u.u]Zzz