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Konbanwa, minna-san! This is MK who has been completely swamped this week [=__=]!

Since MK is ashamed for not blogging yesterday because of her tight schedule, she has decided to take these couple free minutes to at least share a nice song with minna-san.♫

A couple days I got a glimps as I was flipping channels of a music video that featured Chris Brown. Of course since I’m a big fan and had noticed that he’d been rather scarce lately, I stuck around to hear the song. I only heard a small part toward the end but from what I heard, it sounded pretty nice. Yesterday I accidentally “fell” on that music video again and yet again I was too late. But I did catch the name of the song. It’s called “Freeze” by T-Pain featuring Chris Brown, if I recall correctly.

So MK had decided to share just the song with minna-san. But since I couldn’t find the song file on the internet anywhere, I’ll have to post the a video. Let’s listen together! *hasn’t heard the full song yet–> [•v•]

Let’s hope it’s good.

Sorry about the loserly video. [-_-] But it’s just about the song.

Hmm, what does minna-san think? I didn’t think it was bad. I think it’s actually a pretty fun song. I love the chorus best, and of course the part where Chris Brown comes in. [[[\[♥□♥]/ *chases Chris* LOL.

OK, time’s up! MK must leave now.