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Leggings are not pants!!!\ˋoˊ/

Konbanwa! Genki desu ka? This is Sachi-chan! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I couldn’t find the time to post. (*Was very sleepy*) -o-/*yawn* …

Yesterday I stumbled upon a pretty funky blog called “Leggings are not Pants – The Blog”. When I first saw it, I immediately found it interesting and checked it out.

That’s actually a really good point too. I’ve seen many people make the mistake of wearing their leggings as pants and I think it’s just about the least flattering thing you could choose to put on your body.

Anyway, so, I hope the owner of this blog won’t mind me showing this picture here, but I just could not help myself with this one!



OK, I’m not someone who normally stares at others – I think it’s really impolite… but if I’d been walking down the road and saw these two… hmmm, I think I’d stare instinctively… maybe even squeal if that guy got close enough.=.=

Hmmm *surfing web for a picture of proper use of leggings* AHA! I like this one… u.u Sorry if I’m off about how to wear leggings right – it’s just my opinion. But at least, this is how I’d wear them:

Cool! ^_^

Cool! ^_^

Anyway, I’ll never be a fashion expert -_-, so I should stop my babbling now. But I have a question for y’all!

What do you think of leggings and how should they be worn?

Gotta go now!

Mata ashita!