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Welcome to the world, little one!

Oyasumi minna-san! This is MK! I’ve just experience something pretty awesome today [*_*]!

My friend Maes, he’s an adult and he’s wanted a baby for just the absolute longest of time! He’s actually wanted to be a father longer than I’ve been alive [0.0]! About 9 months ago, his wife finally got pregnant and she recently had their first baby… a little girl named Alicia! A couple days after her birth, Maes showed me pictures of her birth and all of the things that happened in the hospital that awesome day [^.^]. I was almost moved to tears [;_;]! I couldn’t wait to meet Alicia! So today, there was this program thing where many people from the whole island were. And Maes was there… with Alicia [*_*]! Before I got close to her I was actually really nervous to finally meet her, because I’m not exactly good with babies and toddlers. They never seem to like me [T_T]… But when Maes saw me, he came and asked me if I wanted to go see her. I couldn’t really say no, because I did want to see her, I just wasn’t sure if it’d turn out right (She might attack me *EEEK!*).

Random baby (just in case you don'r know what babies look like*LOL*)

^If you don't know what a baby looks like^

Anyway, so I followed him to where his wife and her parents were sitting, and there, in the stroller, was little Alicia [*_*]{KAWAIIIIII)! She is just the tiniest cutest thing!!! I was pretty much speechless [^×^]… I just could hardly believe that Maes finally has a daughter after all the tough times he’s been through wishing for a child. He’s probably the happiest guy on the island [^.^]! I stayed and sat by Maes and his wife watching the program while simultaneously hoping he wouldn’t ask if I wanted to hold her. But there was no escaping it, he eventually asked if I wanted to hold her. I reluctantly said yes. As he handed me his daughter, my heart started racing (yea, I know I’m weird… Babies kinda freak me out). But once I had her head supported and made sure I was shielding her from the sun, I was actually really glad I got to hold her. She didn’t start crying! [0.0]{?!) This must have been a special child because babies hate me [-_-]. She was just so… zen. *Lol* Eventually I gave her back when the program was over and said my goodbyes. What an awesome experience!

YAY! I’m having a nice day now! Do any of you have the same baby-phobia as I do. It seems I’m the only one [T_T]…. If not, do you like babies or want any when you grow up? At the moment I’m not sure whether or not I want kids when I grow up…[?] But after today’s encounter, I definitely wouldn’t mind having a zen baby like Alicia!

Goodbye now!!!