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Complete Selflessness

Ohayou minna-san! Sachi-chan here, blogging here in her room although she’s quite tired and wants to play video games after a long day of work =_=. But for the sake of the blog, I’m going to invest this energy *blinks* =.=…

Today was a pretty hectic day for me. I had lots of work to do for a certain sudden deadline that popped up almost out of nowhere. I thought I had to have that something done for the new year, but I ended up having to get all that work done and ready for tomorrow. So you can probably imagine the complete rush I was in! On top of that I got “sick” (red flag) like at the absolute perfect time (grr how annoying -_-)! But despite all of that I got my work done and so here I am in my room writing this post.

Anyway, enough about me. The keyword in today’s post is: Selflessness. So I’m gonna blog about someone else. Someone who’s just so selfless it’s hard to believe it. I figure, since she’s so special yet never speaks of herself, I’ll follow her example and point the focus to someone else too. I’ll point it to her! ^_^

The person I’m talking about is Megan… something… I’m not sure just what her last name is. OK, so on Monday night as I was flipping aimlessly through channels, I stumbled upon a certain show. What caught my attention was the fact that it seemed very much like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. I really love those types of show, mostly because I just love romance ♥v♥! Anyway, so the show turned out to be the premiere of Momma’s Boys, a reality show about three handsome studs who love (and live with O_O) their moms and 32 eligible bachelorettes.

Out of all the girls I noticed and favored this one girl who’s name was Megan. She reminded me somewhat of myself, because of her nerdy-ness and nervous happiness. It was obvious she wasn’t exactly the “hot”, sex kitten type at all and I loved that about her. Most of the other girls just looked plastic and… tight. She was also a total sweetheart. Just the super genuine and selfless.

But I don’t think anyone really realized just how nice she was until the premiere was coming to an end. Ok, so since it’s just a really long story, I’m not gonna be able to explain the whole thing, but here’s a link to a page where someone very patiently wrote out the entire episode o.o.


Of course there’s no reason to read the whole thing if you don’t want to. You can just read the last eight paragraphs.

Anyway, so when I was watching this, I was pretty much about to break out in tears! It was just the most touching thing! The thought that she’d give up her spot for someone else – and they weren’t even close! You could also tell that JoJo was pretty shocked. He was almost in tears ;_;. It was just amazing!

Yea… it’s not as amazing just reading about it, though u_u. I wish I could find the video of it. I really don’t see why it should be so hard to find a video of the premiere of a show like that…?

Oh! I know, do you know any people who just really stand out as really selfless people? How important do you think selflessness is in a person? Do you think maybe Megan’s selflessness might have been a bit too much (cause how’s she gonna get through in life if she keeps giving up her opportunities for happiness to other people?

Um… OK, it’s pretty late now, I better head to bed soon. So I guess I’m off now!

Mata Ashita!


Konbanwa minna-san~♥! Genki desu ka? MK here, yo!

OK, I got this tag from PaperDiaries.com. Hmmm, well, I’m not exactly as big a WWE fan as I once was, but I thought it’d still be pretty interesting to do this tag here.

So, here I go:


1. Your favorite WWE superstar(s):

John Cena

John Cena

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

2. Your hated WWE superstar(s):

Triple H - sorry to any of his fans -_-

Triple H - sorry to any of his fans -_-

3. Favorite diva(s)

Mickie James

Mickie James



4. Favorite WWE entrance song:

  • John Cena’s entrance song. I think it’s “You can’t see me”.
  • Mickie James’ entrance song. Dunno the name.
  • DX’s entrance song.

5. Favorite tag team(s):

DX - but only because theyre the only tag team I really ever paid attention to.

DX - but only because they're the only tag team I really ever paid attention to.

6. Favorite couples:

Edge and Melina, they were awefully entertaining ^o^!

7. Favorite franchise (RAW, Smackdown, ECW)



8. Big Show or The Great Khali?

Big Show

Big Show

9. The match of your dreams(superstars):

Handicap match: John Cena, Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels vs. Edge. *.*! LOL

10. The match of your dreams(divas):

Handicap match: Mickie James, Maria and Melina vs. Beth Pheonix

11. Superstar/diva you’d like to have an affair with:

Affair 0.0!? No thank you.

12. Big Show or the Undertaker?

Big Show!


Wow, that took longer than I thought. Now I gotta go do my homework and stuff T.T.

I tag any and everyone who’s a WWE fan!

Mata Ashita!

Is WiiMusic as good as MK thinks it is?

Ohaiyou everyone! MK here. T_T I had a really bad day today… So I’m not exactly in my best mood, but hopefully I’ll be able to write myself out of my bad mood; I apologize in advance for any moodiness that might be noticed in my post. Thank you.

Oh, also I know you guys are probably wondering where Namine and Yoshi are (they haven’t posted anything yet ;_;)… I guess they’re pretty busy lately… I apologize on their behalf *bows* and hope that they’ll post their first posts very soon (I’m getting very lonely…-_-).

Ok, back to the point:


—> [Please excuse me if I say anything that might not be fully accurate, I’m not an expert on this game, I don’t even have it… yet ^_-.]

I don’t know if you’ve all heard of one of Nintendo’s newest games called WiiMusic. It’s a game where you make music with the wii remote, numchuck and sometimes even the wii balance board (wii fit). When I saw the ad on tv for the first time, I was super excited about it! It’s just seems super cool and cute!

Here’s a cute video of WiiMusic! (Yes, I know the writing’s in Japanese, but that part isn’t really important)

But lately I’ve been having doubts about whether this game is worth the price. It seems like a fun, social game initially, but what if it’s just that – only fun in the beginning. I’m not super fond of games that are only fun for a short period of time, I like games that never get boring or at least take a very long time to do so.

So, for this reason (having doubts) I’ve been looking all over the net for as much info about it as possible (ok, well not all over the net – *is lazy*), but I still have many questions about it. Like, for example I’m not sure whether it’s possible to make your own music on it of if you can only play songs that are already there. And if you that’s the case, then how many songs are there and are they lame or boring? ^The one in the video seems super cool, though!^

What I know about WiiMusic is that… hmmm what do I know about WiiMusic? Oh! I know there are over 60 different instruments to play and you can play with up to four people at once… and you can have back-up players… and you can conduct an orchestration… yea, that’s it. In general it seems to me that there are more people who like it than that don’t, but it’s almost split down the middle, it seems.

Right now, I’m just wondering whether I should ask my parents to buy it or not… and I really don’t know. (-_-) What do you guys think of WiiMusic, if you know anything about it. Do you like it or think it’s lame. What cool features are there? If you don’t know anything about it, do you think it seems cool (judging by the video)? And those of you who don’t have wii consoles, or any kind of video game consoles (0.0) do you like video games (or the wii in particular) and what kinds of games do you like, etc.

I’ll be going now. (!) I’m not in such a bad mood anymore. Yay! Lesson in life: When you’re down and low, try blogging! It helps! *LOL*