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The Events of Today

~Ohayou minna-san!

It’s MK here! Today I’m going to blabber about my day, since I haven’t been saying much about what’s up in my life lately (I’ve just been blogging about things that don’t have so much to do with me).

Hai!*bows -_-* So today, school was just as usually, work, tests studying, all the things that are normally done in school. Then when I got home from school, my mom called to tell me there were some double-dutch

Double Dutch

Double Dutch

people at the school doing a demonstration, and that I should come right away. I was really confused because she was being all excited and talking really fast and unclear, but I decided to go check it out. When I got there, there was a small crowd of people standing and watching some people in white shirts and white shorts in the center of the crowd. The were doing double-dutch •_•{?). Before anything really started I got disappointed for some reason and immediately felt that I shouldn’t have wasted my time (I’d been playing The Sims 2: Apartment Life). But as I continued watching, I realized they were actually pretty good. The were doing flips and all kinds of other cool tricks. I was very impressed and was soon glad I’d come (0.0 I changed my mind really fast there).

I ended up really enjoying it, although it wasn’t very long (or at least I wasn’t there very long). Hmmm, I wonder if one day I’ll learn to double-dutch? It certainly looked like a ton of fun.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Sorry my post is so short today, I’m feeling really tired all of a sudden. I might go and take a little nap right about now.

OH! And for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hmmm, why don’t I make a list of some random things I’m thankful for?

  • My notebook computer (which I’m using right now).
  • My friends and family.
  • This blog! o_-
  • And so many more of the things that God has blessed me with! ♥

Ok, *nods sleepily* I’m off to nappy land now =_={Zzz).