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You will know that I love you!♪♫

*Busy Busy Busy

Konbanwa minna-san!

MK here after her long absence!

I wish I had time to share with minna-san some things about what’s going on with me right now, but MK has been way to busy to blog and still is.

But since I haven’t blogged in so long I decided to share something nice with minna-san!

The other day I was searching online for something and I stumbled upon these really nice free songs by this girl who goes by the name “taylorhayward1“. All of the songs are really beautiful, but my favorite is this one called “You Will Know That I Love You”. I think the title is a bit… interesting, but in a way it describes the song well enough because it is a pretty lovely and romantic song. I usually start daydreaming when I hear this song.

What does minna-san think? Let me know in the comments area!

Oh! How rude of MK!

How is minna-san doing?

OK, need to get back to work!