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Update on Mission: Centro!



Konbanwa minna-san! Genki desu ka?

Minna-san might be wondering how things are going concerning MK’s “Mission:Centro“. This was a “mission” that MK started when she needed a cell phone. She decided that since times are hard for her parents lately, she would work to earn the phone that she wants herself, for a change. So now, MK is going to update minna-san on the status of her mission.

MKs new cell phone! ^.^

MK's new cell phone! ^.^

OK, so the last time MK posted about this mission, she was still working to earn the money needed to buy the phone. But MK is happy to tell minna-san that she has bought a red Palm Centro!

Unfortunately, since I bought it online, I still have to wait a little less than a week before it arrives. But I’m already SO excited! Within the next week I should recieve a call from the Post Office telling me that my package has arrived! \[^o^]/~*

On Friday, I got a letter with all kinds of cool formal stuff [*v*]{Ooooh!). And then I had to go to the Post Office to sign some paper concerning the package. All of this is causing MK to become even more anxious about this package arriving!

OK, so as soon as MK recieves her package, she will either film the unboxing or take many pictures to show minna-san!

Until then, God bless minna-san!


The Keitai Craziness Continues!

Bonjour minna-san! It is MK who has been dreaming of her lovely dream cell phone [*.*]. How is minna-san doing? Have you all been having a nice weekend resting and relaxing?

MK’s weekend has been nice so far. Nami-chan came over to my place yesterday, we had a really nice time hanging out in the afternoon. Then in the night we played WiiMusic for a bit, but were interupted by MK’s beloved \[♥v♥]/! But, SHHHH! MK is only a secret admirer of her beloved [;_;].

Dream phone~!

Dream phone~!

Anyway, I must not put my focus on sad things at this moment. [-__-]

MK is SO anxious about her plan to have her Palm Centro in her hands within a few month (wish I didn’t have to wait so long).

What’s my plan, you say?

MK’s Plan to get her dream phone within months:

OK, I can’t get this phone on my island so I’ve been browsing around for it on Ebay.com. And I was pretty dismayed to see that it costs about an average of $300 \[O□O]/!!! And the thing that’s just so uncool is that if I lived in the States and had a subscription with a carrier (like T Mobile or AT&T) I could get it for under $50! *cries*

Anyway, that’s just the way things are. So my plan is, since I now have a job, and my birthday is coming up in a couple months, I’m going to save and save until it’s almost my birthday, and then I’ll give my parents the money that I saved and they’ll pay the rest for the phone. [^_^] … Or so I hope. [-_-]

But anyway, so that’s basically my plan. I have about 40 work hours until my birthday, so I’ll have to do whatever extra jobs and tasks on the side to earn more. Every dime counts! *determined* I’m really feeling hopeful and praying everyday that God will help me to get the perfect phone!

So MK will begin work tomorrow and will report to minna-san regularly on how things are working out with MK’s plan!