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Oyasumi minna-san!

As minna-san may have noticed by now. MK has been SUPER scarce online for almost a month now! This has been very excruciating for MK too, because most of you know that I’m a huge techy and hate to be away from “The Internet” for extended periods of time.

I apologize to anyone who might have missed MK during her absence (MK’s trying to make herself seem like she has a following *LOL).

OK, now that I’m back and this whole moving process is pretty much over (MK must remember to blog about her new home and life), I still can’t promise to be blogging super often or anything.

MK has been having to put a whole lot of extra time into her schoolwork here on her new island home. The language here is different to MK’s mother-tongue (English), so this makes things more difficult for MK.

Anyway, but MK will do here best to blog more.

Oh! Also, MK is planning to put a lot more work and effort into her Christian website (www.Teen-Fortress.com). MK has been neglecting her site and realizes now that she must do her best to get it back to where it should be.

So… that’s what MK’s been up to. Once again, apologies to minna-san. *bows apologetically*


PS. Sorry about the absence of MK’s usual cute emoticons. If you take a look at previous posts you’ll notice that there’s something very wrong with the way MK’s emoticons are showing up here now. I don’t yet know exactly what’s wrong, but I hope to find out soon!

Update: The problem with the emoticons seems to have gone away! HOORAH! I don’t know why it came and why it went away. I hope it stays away now, though.

What’s up with MK?

*Mood: Bored*

*Mood: Bored and lazy*

Konnichiwa minna-san!9.gif

As minna-san may have noticed by now, MK has been very scarce lately. So I have stopped by here to give minna-san a little update on the reason why I’ve been so scarce online the last week or so.

Some weeks ago I posted a post called Moving Away~!. In that post, I told minna-san that my family and I were going to be moving to Europe soon. Well, I spoke too soon. Several days after posting this post, I learned from my parents that they had actually changed their minds and decided on moving to another island in the Caribbean20.gif.

Honestly, MK was very upset at first, because I was truly looking forward to a new and exciting experience in a bigger country in Europe. But after about 20 minutes of tears and prayer, God helped me to accept that this is His plan and that He knows what’s best for us 18.

[Fast forward]

Right now, MK is on her new island home which she will now nickname “this wonderful place” (staying positive is MK’s new motto41(1)). Things are actually going very well so far in this wonderful place. We just found an awesome house to live in yesterday, so we’ll be moving into it soon.

So that’s generally what has been keeping MK so busy that she has been neglecting her computer and her blog and so many other things. I hope that this week or next week things will start to settle down again so MK can go back to wasting her days away hidden behind her laptop1_thumb.gif.

OH! Before I forget!

MK is currently working on updating this blog’s title and header and pretty much the whole theme of the website to fit MK’s two main interests better. Here at MK’s Blog, I’ve mostly been focussing on blogging about my interest in Manga and Anime. And by just looking at this blog, one can see that MK loves Manga and Anime and Japanese culture.

But what MK doesn’t talk about as much here, is her interest in tech. I’m a HUGE tech fan also. I read blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo and am very interested in phones, netbooks, laptops, websites, HTML, programs, pretty much anything that has to do with tech.

That’s why MK is planning to change the title, header and the general theme of this site to a cross between tech and manga & anime.

OK, time to go!


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July is MK’s NaBloPoMo

*watching "Bee Movie" with my brother*

*Watching "Bee Movie" with my brother*

Konbanwa minna-san!9.gif

Today, MK found out about what’s called “National Blog Posting Month” (a.k.a. NaBloPoMo).

National Blog Posting Month isn’t really a specific month. It can pretty much be any month you choose. The point is that it’s a whole month for posting daily posts on your blog.

Fortunately, when I found out about NaBloPoMo yesterday, I had already posted a post for every day in the month of July. So now all I need to do is try to continue posting at least one post to my blog every day.

I don’t know if all of you reading this are bloggers or if you feel it’s too late to try for to get a post done every month. But I say, Don’t worry about missing a day or two in the month. It’s just about blogging regularly. I think it’s not to late. Plus, MK has read in numerous places that blogging regularly is one of the main ways to attract more readers.

So I’m inviting minna-san to join me in my NaBloPoMo Objective: Post at least one post everything in the month of July!

Alright, I’m really sleepy right now, so I’m gonna go take a nap now.


Pretty emoticons!

*very chill*

*very chill*

Konnichiwa minna-san! [^ω^]v It is MK once again!

I’m glad I finally found the time to blog again, and this time, I feel I might have something less meaningless to blog about than my last post [¬.¬]||.

Hmmm, having just used that emoticon, I’ve just remembered something:  On Monday MK found some pretty cute animated text emoticons which she immediately downloaded for her personal use.

1 2 3 6 7 10 16111131

Attenion: Obviously, some of these emoticons contain japanese phrases in them which MK does not understand, so if anyone would be willing to decode the phrases, MK would be ever so grateful!

After downloading these and many more, I was still not satisfied with what I had acquired. That’s why: … I downloaded some more! 1

31 5 211161 12 22

These are also very nice, but I can tell I probably won’t be using them as often as the text emotes above.

If minna-san is wondering why MK has chosen kitty cat emotes, it’s not because I’m a cat-lover. Not at all, MK actually dislikes cats. I find them very unloyal and mean in general. I’d much rather have a dog than a cat. Unfortunately, the reality is actually the opposite, MK has had three cats, but never any dogs 10! Anyway, MK has once been known to some of her closest friends as “Kitty”. This is a name I actually chose for myself just because I liked it. Anyway, that’s why I often associate myself with kitty cats (meeow). Also, they’re very cute!40

Hmmm, it’s become very late very quickly…

MK must now leave for she has much homework to finish.

Sayou! 91