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The Heritage of MK!

Konnichiwa minna-san! MK apologizes first and foremost for allowing her blog to go un-updated for more than 24 hours!!! T_T…

Yesterday, MK was completely engrossed in the festivities which were taking place in Washington D.C.! Obama is now the president! Yay!

I’m particularly happy about this because… (dramatic pause)

….MK is a colored person…. (awkward silence)

Beautiful Island

Beautiful Island

Yes, yes. I know minna-san is very surprised (O□O)’. MK is an Oreo, black on the outside, white on the inside. *LOL*

Of course I’m not african-american, I’m from the islands, but I’ve never really been very much of an islander at heart. Most of the people I know are very island-ish. They really love the islands and plan to live in the Caribbean for most of their lives. MK is very different from that [-__-]. I’ve always been a more international person. I don’t act very much like I’m from the Caribbean.

Why, you ask? Well…. hmmm. I’m not exactly ashamed of the fact that I’m from where I’m from, because in some ways I would have an advantage over other people. But I don’t plan to live here in the islands for much longer. And I don’t think I’ll come back when I’m old or anything. But who knows, right?

Anyway, so I really enjoyed watching the inauguration yesterday. It was happening while we were still at school, so all

Obama taking the presidential oath!

Obama taking the presidential oath!

I asked my teacher if we could watch it during class and she said yes! I was so glad, I really didn’t wanna miss it. It’s a really historic event! I’d like to have been there too. Even though I’d be freezing and probably going crazy with claustrophobia, I think it’d still be nice. \ξ([^.^])/ <– *frozen*

Unfortunately, MK must leave soon. I apologize for so many short posts these days.

Oh! Report on Mission: Centro:

So far MK has earned about $10 [-_-] not very much. MK has become something of a penny-pincher. *LOL* Every penny counts! And since MK wants to make the burden on her parents as light as possible she must work over-time! [[[\[‘•’]/ *runs around looking for jobs*

Oh! How is minna-san? Everything going alright? Did anyone get to see the inauguration? What do you think of Obama being president? Oh! Don’t you just love his two littl girls!? ^^



Konnichiwa, minna-san! Today MK is going to try to refrain herself from blabbering on and on about her dream phone. Minna-san must be very tired of hearing about that now.

So… hmmm. What should I blog about today? *thinks*

Well, tomorrow’s a pretty big day, ne? Is minna-san looking forward to seeing the inauguration of president-elect Barack Obama? I know I am! If I beg, I wonder if my parents will let me stay home from school to see it… Wouldn’t that

Sniper Neko

Sniper Neko

be nice?

Hmmm, well MK doesn’t have much else to say about Obama’s inauguration…


This morning I saw this thingy on CNN about the snipers who are there lurking in the shadows ready to take out any potential threats. I think snipers are so cool and stealthy! MK is very cowardly, so whenever she plays army video games or games where you use weapons and stuff, she loves to be the sniper so she can hide in the shadows where no one can shoot her back. *sneaky laugh*

Hmmm, Yoshi-kun said that he’s going to blog today… I wonder if he’ll really do it, and if so, what will he post about?

Well, MK has a busy day ahead of her. I have about two hours until I begin work [^_^]. And I have a test tomorrow that I haven’t studied for yet, plus I got three homework assignments. But since my employer has told me that I can work on homework at the job when I’m not busy, I’ll do that there. But I’m gonna get to studying in a few minutes because I doubt I’ll be able to study well at work.

So it is now time for MK to say sayounara to minna-san! But instead she will say…