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Official Announcement

Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

*Listening: Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

Konnichiwa minna-san! Long time no see, ne? MK is here again to do a quick notification post.

First of all, Sachi-chan must apologize to minna-san and admit that she’s been doing “more important things” lately. Gomenasai!

Ok, on to MK’s notification:

So, as minna-san might have noticed, MK has been really struggling to blog as much as possible, though not fully succeeding [-_-]|||. And unfortunately, I can’t promise that this will change any time soon, since MK’s job and goal to earn enough to buy herself a certain birthday gift.

But minna-san must not panic! I’m not going to completely stop blogging. I’m going to continue doing my best to blog as often as possible.

I’ve also asked Yoshi-kun to try and help out, so I’m hoping he’ll be able to be of assistance during MK’s busy periode.

But minna-san can begin counting the days because once she has her hands on her dream phone she’s going to work a lot less, which means more time for blogging! \[^v^]/

Alright, MK is going to go play The Sims after a super long week!

Oh! MK would like to know: How is minna-san doing? And… What does minna-san think of… an instant messager in the sidebar that allows minna-san to chat with MK?

OK, thanks for understanding!


First Post of 2009!

Ohayou minna-san! Happy New Year! How was minna-san’s New Years opening? Lots of fireworks? [^_^] Sachi-chan here as usual… but this time… Sachi-chan is alone [-__-]. As you’ll notice to your right –> Sachi-chan is now the ownly owner of Cotton Candy Afros. *sigh* Yoshi, Nami-chan and I haveĀ  decided that since they don’t exactly enjoy blogging (as I suspected u_u) that I should take over Cotton Candy Afros as my blog.

BUT! (Yay! A “but”! ^.^!) Since Sachi-chan also has other commitments and hates to allow the blog to go un-updated for too long, Nami-chan and Yoshi have agreed to step up and help out when I absolutely cannot post for a while. For instance: If Sachi-chan goes on a long 3 week vacation to India, Nami-chan and Yoshi will keep an eye on the blog and do their bests to entertain everyone in Sachi-chan’s absence.

Anyway, unfortunately I can’t stick around very long. Today was a short day since I went to bed around 3am this morning and got out of bed around 12pm then I spent a big chunk of my day setting up our new printer. Speaking of which: I now have a new scanner! So now I can scan my pictures again! \[^o^]/

-_- Sachi-chan must leave now. But I’d love to hear how minna-san’s New years opening was!

Mata Ashita!