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Pretty emoticons!

*very chill*

*very chill*

Konnichiwa minna-san! [^ω^]v It is MK once again!

I’m glad I finally found the time to blog again, and this time, I feel I might have something less meaningless to blog about than my last post [¬.¬]||.

Hmmm, having just used that emoticon, I’ve just remembered something:  On Monday MK found some pretty cute animated text emoticons which she immediately downloaded for her personal use.

1 2 3 6 7 10 16111131

Attenion: Obviously, some of these emoticons contain japanese phrases in them which MK does not understand, so if anyone would be willing to decode the phrases, MK would be ever so grateful!

After downloading these and many more, I was still not satisfied with what I had acquired. That’s why: … I downloaded some more! 1

31 5 211161 12 22

These are also very nice, but I can tell I probably won’t be using them as often as the text emotes above.

If minna-san is wondering why MK has chosen kitty cat emotes, it’s not because I’m a cat-lover. Not at all, MK actually dislikes cats. I find them very unloyal and mean in general. I’d much rather have a dog than a cat. Unfortunately, the reality is actually the opposite, MK has had three cats, but never any dogs 10! Anyway, MK has once been known to some of her closest friends as “Kitty”. This is a name I actually chose for myself just because I liked it. Anyway, that’s why I often associate myself with kitty cats (meeow). Also, they’re very cute!40

Hmmm, it’s become very late very quickly…

MK must now leave for she has much homework to finish.

Sayou! 91

Welcome to Over the Waves – by MissionaryK

*chewing Bubblicious bubble gum* - yummmm

*chewing Bubblicious bubble gum* - yummmm

Konbanwa minna-san! Genki desu ka? It’s me, MissionaryK!

Welcome to my new blog! As you’ll learn if you read the About page, this isn’t my first personal blog. I have another one, but because that one was taking up too much time (contributing to my neglecting of Teen-Fortress.com). But because I do love to blog, I decided to make this blog, by MK. That way Teen-Fortress.com members and visitors can have something new to read more often.

About the blog on Teen-Fortress.com, I’ll now use that to post updates about the site itself. Oh, and about the TFC Club.

Anyway, you must be wondering what those two sentences at the beginning of this post mean. Well, these are some words and phrases that you might want to get used to. I use them in most of my posts:

Both of these phrases are Japanese. I’m a big fan of Japanese culture and stuff. You’ll notice this in the way I talk. LOL.

Note: There will be many revelations about MK in this blog for here, she is free to be herself.

Anyway, back to the meanings of the words:

Konbanwa minna-san” :  Good evening everyone. I use the word minna-san very often in my posts. It means “everyone”.

Genki desu ka?: How are you doing? Sometimes I say this in english, other times I say it in Japanese, other time I don’t say it at all.

OK, moving on now:

As you can see, this one is not the only post here. I’ve imported my old posts from my old blog here for two reasons:

  1. I felt it’d be kind of a waste to just let them be deleted.
  2. I think it’ll help minna-san understand my way of blogging (if it’s any different from everyone else’s)

So check out my past posts. You’ll notice some things:

  • I use many emoticons, like: [^_^], [T.T], [;_;], [*v*]
  • I often speak of myself in the third person. Why? Because I’ve noticed that many Japanese people speak that way. I think it’s cute [>^ v ^<].
  • I use Japanese words in my posts. (I think I’m a freak)

Anyway, I’m gonna go have Quiet Time now…

I’ll be sure to blog again soon!

Ja~ne♥ (that means bye bye in… you guessed it… JAPANESE! LOL)

Official Announcement

Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

*Listening: Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

Konnichiwa minna-san! Long time no see, ne? MK is here again to do a quick notification post.

First of all, Sachi-chan must apologize to minna-san and admit that she’s been doing “more important things” lately. Gomenasai!

Ok, on to MK’s notification:

So, as minna-san might have noticed, MK has been really struggling to blog as much as possible, though not fully succeeding [-_-]|||. And unfortunately, I can’t promise that this will change any time soon, since MK’s job and goal to earn enough to buy herself a certain birthday gift.

But minna-san must not panic! I’m not going to completely stop blogging. I’m going to continue doing my best to blog as often as possible.

I’ve also asked Yoshi-kun to try and help out, so I’m hoping he’ll be able to be of assistance during MK’s busy periode.

But minna-san can begin counting the days because once she has her hands on her dream phone she’s going to work a lot less, which means more time for blogging! \[^v^]/

Alright, MK is going to go play The Sims after a super long week!

Oh! MK would like to know: How is minna-san doing? And… What does minna-san think of… an instant messager in the sidebar that allows minna-san to chat with MK?

OK, thanks for understanding!


Avatars in posts



Konbanwa minna-san! MK is stopping what she was doing to do a quick post in order to inform minna-san about something new that MK is going to do when posting.

I’m going to be using avatars! I’ll probably change them every so often, whenever I feel like.

In my little “avatar window” you’ll see a few words of caption. I’ll generally just write somethig about what I’m doing, how I’m doing. (I was just cooking [>_<])

So just so minna-san now knows what to expect and what these words under the avatar mean and stuff.

Unfortunately, MK must leave again [-_-] sooo busy today [;_;].


First Post of 2009!

Ohayou minna-san! Happy New Year! How was minna-san’s New Years opening? Lots of fireworks? [^_^] Sachi-chan here as usual… but this time… Sachi-chan is alone [-__-]. As you’ll notice to your right –> Sachi-chan is now the ownly owner of Cotton Candy Afros. *sigh* Yoshi, Nami-chan and I have  decided that since they don’t exactly enjoy blogging (as I suspected u_u) that I should take over Cotton Candy Afros as my blog.

BUT! (Yay! A “but”! ^.^!) Since Sachi-chan also has other commitments and hates to allow the blog to go un-updated for too long, Nami-chan and Yoshi have agreed to step up and help out when I absolutely cannot post for a while. For instance: If Sachi-chan goes on a long 3 week vacation to India, Nami-chan and Yoshi will keep an eye on the blog and do their bests to entertain everyone in Sachi-chan’s absence.

Anyway, unfortunately I can’t stick around very long. Today was a short day since I went to bed around 3am this morning and got out of bed around 12pm then I spent a big chunk of my day setting up our new printer. Speaking of which: I now have a new scanner! So now I can scan my pictures again! \[^o^]/

-_- Sachi-chan must leave now. But I’d love to hear how minna-san’s New years opening was!

Mata Ashita!

My last post of 2008!

Konnichiwa minna-san! It’s Sachi-chan again, who has realized that she’s been using her kaomoji (emoticons) all wrong all this time u.u!

One of my favorite emoticons! ^_^!

One of my favorite emoticons! ^_^!

Actually, they’re supposed to be written with the parentheses, like this –> (^.^). But Sachi-chan was writing them like this –> ^.^. I know it’s not that big of a deal in most cases, but in some cases this can be a problem. Here’s an example:

OK, with emoticons such as *_* – (*_*) and T_T – (T_T) it’s clear what they mean even without the parentheses. But in certain cases when specific emoticons are used, the parentheses are needed to really be able to get the meaning of the emoticon. Like with this one –> ((((/˚o˚)/{STOP)!!! (She’s chasing someone down frantically *LOL*). See, it’s hardly possible to get the whole point of the emoticon.

So from now on I’m going to stop being lazy u_u… I mean (u_u), and take the extra second to add the parentheses to my emoticons. And Sachi-chan apologizes to anyone who felt annoyed by her incorrect use of these emoticons.

But actually, come to thin of it, there really is no right or wrong way to use emoticons. I think emoticons are an expression of your emotions. So if you feel like using these thingies –> [ ] instead of parentheses, oyou should be able to do that without other people having a fit! *nods* [^.^] <– (Sachi-chan is a robot [=.=] *beep-boop-beep* LOL).

Anyway, so Sachi-chan is going to try to make sure to use parentheses or these things –>[ ] or these things –>{ } or whatever fits the situation from now on. [[[[/*o*]/! *LOL* I really like these square looking thingies. They bring out Sachi-chan‘s eyes [*۷*]v! *LOL*

Moving on…

Wow, this is my very last post of this year… and… probably my last post as a co-blogger T_T. As is clear to anyone, my co-bloggers are very inactive here -_-. It’s clear they don’t enjoy blogging half as much as I do, so I’m think I’m just going to relieve them of their “duties” here and take over Cotton Candy Afros myself -_-. I know it’s going to be pretty much the same when I take over… but it just stinks that  I’m gonna be in it alone now. Also there won’t be any back-up for if I go on a vacation or have a busy week or something. And that stinks because I really don’t like having my blog go un-updated for extended periods of time. But I’ll do what I can to make sure to keep up my good blogging habits just like I do now…

Hmmm, speaking of which, I actually feel like I’ve been blogging a bit more than usual lately. Maybe it’s just because I hardly ever have anything useful to do these days ([;_;] <–*is useless*). But I know that will end soon enough, because school starts in about a week from now. [‘~’] I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, though.

Oh! I forgot! Remember how I blogged recently about a girl named Megan? From a show called Momma’s Boys? -_- Bad news: She’s an actor… which probably means she faked that whole thing. She’s on imdb and everything! And I mean, maybe she was actually being herself, but there’s a great chance that she was just doing some really great acting that night.

Megan Albertus - the actor u_u

Megan Albertus - the actor u_u

I read something somewhere that she supposedly said that she was completely being herself and that she really did go on that show to find true love etc., but who knows if that was even really her? And if it was… why would she give up the act so easily? I guess the world may never know, ne? Anyway, come to think of it, many of the other “contestant” girls on the show are also actors.

But whatever. What else can one expect from a show like this one? Most of these romance reality shows are actually a lot less “reality” than you should expect from a reality show. Anyway, I can’t say it’s not entertaining sometimes. *shrugs*

Sachi-chan must now sign off. From her very last post of this year!

Oh! And a cool NewYears’ Day joke I always make use of on the day before New Years’ Day, is:

Dude, I’m so tired, I’m gonna sleep ’til next year tonight! *LOL* Get it?! *laughs*

… o_o …

OK, maybe it wasn’t that funny -_-. Anyway…

Sayounara minna-san and…


MissionaryK’s Random How-to’s![coming soon]

~Ohaiyou everyone!~ *Waves at readers and fellow bloggers* Are you having a nice day?

I noticed something the other day. It’s important for a blog to consist of not only personal posts, but informational posts too. Posts where the blogger(s) share their knowledge about a certain topic with readers. Come to think of it, the main blog that I read (other than this one of course ^v^), I first stumble upon it through one of their how-to posts.

So now I’m taking the hint and starting my own How-to’s. Only, there’s a problem… I thought and thought about what skills I have that I could blog about… and I couldn’t think of anything T_T. So I decided, instead of just posting about how to do one thing, why not just post about different random things that come to mind?

So, there you have it, my plan for MK’s Random How-to’s!!! (pretty catchy title, don’t ya think? ^.^) So in addition to my regular posts about normal stuff, I’ll be writing random how-to’s every once in a while. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

Bye Bye!