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MK’s finally back! [^_^]

*enjoying last hours of my weekend*

*enjoying last hours of my weekend*

Konbanwa minna-san! MK has returned to the scene of the… blog… [.___.]{?]

I know, I know. Minna-san does not need to remind MK of her short-coming these last couple weeks. I’m really sorry for allowing the blog to go unupdated for such a long time. Please accept MK’s apology [u.u]{Gomenassai).

Moving on…

How is minna-san? MK has really missed minna-san a great deal during her abscense [u_u]. It’s even hard for me to believe, but this whole time, I was pretty much absent from the whole of the internet [@_@]. And that’s something that’s completely foreign to MK who is used to being online as often as possible.

Anyway, at the moment, I’m really just enjoying the few days off of school that we have. Right now I know that the next couple days will be filled with “festivities” and celebrations and all of those stuffs. But I don’t know for certain whether that will prove to be a good thing. Every year we endure these festivities and some years are more fun than others, but in general they’re quite the hassle for MK and her family [.___.]. I don’t think this is how everyone here on MK’s island feels about these festive days. For most of the island, it’s simply a choice of whether to participate or not. But MK’s family doesn’t have that choice [-__-].

Anyway, enough about MK’s issues. I’ve just downloaded Skype last night. A friend recommended it (yet again) so I decided to check it out and see what all the commotion is about. So, right now I only have a single skype contact, and he hasn’t even responded to my invitation yet, so I can’t even talk to him [-_-]. MK is so alone and has no one to share her first skype moment with.

Plus! MK’s laptop is so old-fashion that it doesn’t have an internal mic or internal webcam \(>‘.’<)/ <–{MK’s an angry kitty cat)! How lame! Fortunately MK has both an external microphone and an external webcam, but the problem is, the webcam that I have needs an installation CD to be used. And MK has no clue where that CD is! [u_u] <—*defeated*

So it seems MK’s only chance of ever using Skype to it’s full potential is if she buys a new webcam (what a waste). But I’m not going to be too hasty. In order to save what I can, I’m going to make sure that this webcam that I have here absolutely cannot possible work without the installation disk…

(Wow, this is probably MK’s most boring post ever! Hmmm, what can I do to spruce things up? [.__.]{…])

Well, last night, a friend of MK’s shared with her a very nice video (it’s actually only about the song though) which she enjoyed quite a lot. So…

MK WILL SHARE IT WITH MINNA-SAN! \[^v^]/|||<—-*trying desperately not to lose minna-san’s attention*

It’s “FYI by Utada Hikaru”

How did you enjoy the song? I didn’t love it at first. But I quite like it now. I personally think the beat and the instrumental are really cool.

I own a couple of Utada Hikaru’s songs (Simple and Clean + Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts). FYI is definitely a different style than she did with those two. And those are really the only songs I’ve heard from her, so it was a bit strange hearing her voice with this genre of music. But once I got used to it, I quite liked this song.

OK, it is unfortunately time for MK to leave… I’m beginning to get very hungry.

MK promises to post again as soon as possible. And seeing that we don’t have school and hardly have any homework, that will probably be soon.

Ja~ne! [^_^]v

PS. Apologies for this post being so incredibly boring…[u_u]

MK wants a Mac



Konbanwa minna-san

MK‘s been a PC user for all of her life. I’ve never owned a Mac of my own. My two siblings have Macs, but I’ve never had one. So… today I’ve been looking around for more details about the different macbooks out there.

OK, first of all, let me show minna-san what my current laptop looks like:

Sony Vaio VGN-NR160E

I like my computer a lot. I’ve had it for about a year and change now and it still looks just as good as new. The only problem is that the mouse keys have gotten a little weak and irresponsive (not sure if that’s a word), so you have to pound on ’em real hard for them to work.

Uh oh! MK must go now! Sorry for the abrupt ending to this post. MK will continue to tell minna-san about her thought about her future laptop choice later.

Bye Bye!

Update on Mission: Centro!



Konbanwa minna-san! Genki desu ka?

Minna-san might be wondering how things are going concerning MK’s “Mission:Centro“. This was a “mission” that MK started when she needed a cell phone. She decided that since times are hard for her parents lately, she would work to earn the phone that she wants herself, for a change. So now, MK is going to update minna-san on the status of her mission.

MKs new cell phone! ^.^

MK's new cell phone! ^.^

OK, so the last time MK posted about this mission, she was still working to earn the money needed to buy the phone. But MK is happy to tell minna-san that she has bought a red Palm Centro!

Unfortunately, since I bought it online, I still have to wait a little less than a week before it arrives. But I’m already SO excited! Within the next week I should recieve a call from the Post Office telling me that my package has arrived! \[^o^]/~*

On Friday, I got a letter with all kinds of cool formal stuff [*v*]{Ooooh!). And then I had to go to the Post Office to sign some paper concerning the package. All of this is causing MK to become even more anxious about this package arriving!

OK, so as soon as MK recieves her package, she will either film the unboxing or take many pictures to show minna-san!

Until then, God bless minna-san!


Tagged by Sheep-chan!



Oyasumi minna-san!

MK is beginning to feel sleepy, but is going to quickly do this tag before hitting the sacks.

I actually have two other tags that I still have to do (Doushiyou, doushiyou!) but since this one’s really short and interesting to MK, I’ll do it quickly.

OK, enjoy!

Rules: Once you’ve got tagged, you have to answer ALL the questions HONESTLY. Lastly, choose 6 people to be tagged. (Uh oh! Sachi-chan is all alone and has no one to tag!)

How old were you when you had your first relationship?
Hmmm. Well I guess when I was in kindergarten we had something of a “marriage” game that we used to play… I was probably 4-6 years old. Nothing serious though. [n_n]

Are you single/taken?
Single. Just keeping my eyes open. Not really ready for a real relationship yet… So please do not ask MK to be your girlfriend (she could turn out to be your worst nightmare MK —>\[°Дº]/<RAAWR!))) *Laughs nervously* Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Do you like anyone right now?
Well, it depends what “Like” means… I have crushes… but I definitely do not “Love” anyone romantically… That’s all I’ll say…

Ever had your heartbroken?
Well… I guess… MK is probably too young to be sure though… I don’t think I’ve ever fully been “in love” per say, so that means I couldn’t have truly had my heart broken, right?

Miss anyone right now?
My big sister. \[TAT]/*boo-hoo*

Who was the last person you sent a text to?
My best friend, Nami-chan.

Last person to text you?
… Don’t remember… N/A

Last person you saw?
This guy who I never saw before… and probably won’t see ever again…

What was the last thing you said to someone?
“OK” – to my mom. (She was telling me not to leave the food out on the counter otherwise it’ll spoil)

Who is your top friend(s)?
God, Nami-chan and Yoshi-kun! You might know Nami-chan and Yoshi from MK’s old blog. These are my closest friends…

Who do you trust the most in your life?
God. You can’t trust people… They’re mean! [;_;]

Who do you love most?

Ever been in love?
I probably thought I was in love a couple times, but I doubt it was ever the real deal.

Who has hurt you the most?
My dad. No further comment.

Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?
Well, uhm… my cat died a very sad death after living a very sad life. [T.T]

Are you happy?
I’ve got the best friend in the WHOLE WORLD! (God) That makes me happy!

How many good friends do you have?
Three, max.

Are there some songs you cannot listen to because they remind you of someone?
There is this song that reminds me of 9/11… We were listening to it when we saw it on the news.

Have you ever cheated on a partner?

Ever been cheated on?
Not that I know of…

Ever been told someone loved you?
… I think “like” was the word that was used…

Ever told someone you love them and meant it?
A family member. And my best friends…

Not meant it?
I forget… [.___.]{…)

What is your idea of true love?
That you would give your life for that person. Or that you’d sacrifice your happiness for that person to be happy. Or something to that effect.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nope. Not real love. I believe in attraction or infatuation at first sight, but not love.

Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
Definitely. For me it’d be really hard to just go straight to being romantically involved with someone withought having known them closely as a friend. (Not saying it’s impossible, just my opinion from my experience)

I Tag:

[T_T] I only have one person to tag!

1. Sleepy

And anyone who’d like to do this tag…


Yatta! (I did it!)

Now it’s time for me to head to bed! Bye bye! Off to dreamland!