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The Flip UltraHD: Review!

*Mood: Grouchy*

Aloha minna-san!

MK‘s currently in a strangely grouchy and irritable mood. I’m not sure exactly why this uncool mood has come upon me right now, though I may have a slight idea as to what the cause might be.

Anyway, but still, MK is going to blog today in the hopes of raising her spirits in this way.

The topic I have chosen to blog about today is:

My new Flip UltraHD!

As those of you who have been following MK’s very occasional blog updates know, right on New Years’ Eve, I got home from my vacation and received from my parents the Flip UltraHD! WHEE!

Originally, I had asked my parents for the Sanyo Xacti CG10, because I believe it’s a much better camera for the

Sanyo Xacti CG10


So to anyone out there reading this post and considering a Flip HD, check out the Sanyo Xacti CG10 which is about the same price as the Flip UltraHD in some places, or just a bit more in other places.

But anyway, since my parents were unable to find a store that sold the Xacti (strange), they settled for the more popular (yet not as good) Flip UltraHD.

Would minna-san like to know a secret secret?

The reason why MK needed an HD camcorder was because she’s planning to start posting videos, and maybe even do a web-show in the future.

But I’m not completely sure about any details yet.

Anyway, so now’s the time for MK to do a short review on her new portable camcorder!

The Flip UltraHD: Review!

The Flip UltraHD has 8GB of built in memory and with that it records 120 minutes, or in other words, 2 hours of footage.


Alright, so when I first got the camcorder and did the unboxing, the first thing I noticed about it was that, although it’s significantly thicker than the Flip MinoHD, it’s not as big of a deal as I thought it would be, it feels good in my hands, I don’t know if people with super small hands have problems with that or not, but for me, the size isn’t an issue. My only negative comment about it is that, it would have been pretty cool if I could fit it into my pocket, but I can’t seem to accomplish that.

Maybe I need bigger pockets.

I’ve heard complaints about the patented Flip USB dongle thing being a bad idea because when you plug into your computer, the camcorder itself puts strain on the dongle, for instance if your USB port is to high above your desk. But I haven’t had any problems with it so far, though I know for some people it would become an issue.

Video Quality:

To show minna-san the video and sound quality of the Flip UltraHD, I went out into my yard and spent some quality time with my two parrots. Unfortunately, the video still doesn’t give a very good sense of how good the microphone is, but I hope it’ll be good enough.


Other than the video and sound quality, there aren’t many other aspects to the Flip UltraHD since it’s only function is to record HD videos. The Flip UltraHD also comes with built in FlipShare software which is supposed to make things more simple for people who are less familiar with computers in general.


So, now for the most important information, the specs.

Package Contents:

  • Camcorder
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Wrist strap
  • Soft case
  • Quickstart guide

Minimum System Requirements:

Warning: Please be sure to pay close attention to these system requirements. MK was unfortunate enough to pass these by so, right now, her computer is barely able to play the videos recorded on the Flip properly because her computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

PC: 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or faster processor, Windows XP SP2 with 512 MB of RAM or Vista with 1GB of RAM, and USB 2.0 port

Mac: 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo or faster processor, 1GB of RAM, OS X Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5, and USB 2.0 port

Digital video format:

H.264 video and AAC stereo audio in MP4 file format

Video Resolution:

HD 720p (1280×720, 16:9 widescreen) at 30 fps

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So, that was MK’s short review on the Flip UltraHD. Hopefully minna-san found it helpful in some way.

Now it’s time for MK to go work on her pile of homework that she has to do.


How to Pass Time at an Airport

*waiting for my flight back home!*

*waiting for my flight back home!*

Ohayou minna-san!

This is MK who was just not so nice to her mom when she asked her to go do something for her. I feel bad about it now…Text emote 2 One must always be respectful to his or her parents.


OK, enough sulking.

MK is currently at the Orlando International Airport where she and her mom are taking a flight home. We actually have to take a total of 3 flights to reach to our destination. That’s pretty exhausting even just to think of, so MK is passing the time here blogging to minna-san! … And doing other things like:

  • Listening to music: “FYI – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Utada Hikaru
  • Browsing through Youtube videos (but I’m too impatient to wait for them to load – since the internet access here is pretty slow)
  • IM-ing my friends on MSN Messenger
  • Other random stuff

Yup, so MK always finds random things to at airports and gets along with the long hours of waiting quite well. But I’ve noticed that many other people aren’t as fortunate.

Right now, my mom and many other people here in this terminal waiting area are spending their time either sleeping or staring into space looking bored sick. I mean, most of these people seem to have something to do, but it looks like many of them don’t.

So in case you are one of those people who never has a clue what to do to pass the time at an airport, MK is going to give minna-san a list of 5 things to do to pass time at an airport:

1. Browse through available stores.

The airport you’re in most likely contains all kinds of apparel, electronics, and book stores that you can browse around in and – if you’re not cheap like MK – maybe even buy some stuff. Be warned: Airport stores are usually more expensive than other regular stores.

2. Read

MK's reading material

MK's reading material: "A guide to Windows Vista"

Reading is one of the most classic and effective ways to pass time – or at least in my opinion. I always carry at least one book or magazine with me when traveling. Books and magazines can be used at anytime. Unlike some electronics and laptops which can’t be used during certain parts of flights and have limited battery life.

3. Listen to music

Music always lightens the mood and makes any unpleasant experience more tolerable. Always travel with your MP3 player, iPod or PSP if you have one and make sure to keep it loaded with all your favorite tunes. It can be a life saver!

4. Draw Manga!

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. But you can take it as just “Draw”. I love drawing even though I’m not that good and with my sketchpad and pencil in hand, I definitely enjoy looking like I have some kind of skill in the Art department. Maybe you’re good at drawing, in that case it should be even more fun for you. Be sure to bring along your sketchpad and pencil whenever you travel.

5. Count how many people are using iPhones right now!

MK, as some of you may know, is very much into tech and also loves to observe people and her surroundings. I’ve noticed while being in the US that there are tons of iPhones EVERYWHERE! I love the iPhone and I especially love the latest iPhone 3G, so I definitely enjoy seeing so many people taping on their iPhones. I’ve kinda made a game of looking for people with iPhones. Why not try making your own game?

OK, MK must rush away now! My plane is boarding!


MK’s Random How-to’s: Moodiness Removal Tip

*Was just playing video games*

*Was just playing video games*

Konbanwa minna-san! MK is reporting to minna-san about some new information which she has just processed.

Here’s the information:

When there are things you have to get done (things that you wish you didn’t have to do – ex: Homework), and you’re in a not so great mood, unless you have 0 time, try doing something fun to raise your spirits before beginning with your work.

WARNING: This may not work for everyone. For some people, it can be very hard, once they’ve started doing something fun/relaxing, to stop and go back to work. If you are one of these people, this might not work for you.

Today, I was in a really bad mood about having to spend my last bit of time working (got lots of HW), so I decided to just play Super Smash Bros. Brawl on my Wii before starting (especially since I knew going straight to work on my HW would just turn me into a crazy moody MONSTER! \[`A´]/{RAAAWR!!!]). I noticed that now I’m in a much better mood and I’m quite ready to get to work on my homework assignments [^_^].

So, that’s the information… Well, it might not be that useful to minna-san (MK’s very weird). But it could be, and I hope it will be for minna-san!

Time to go now!

*waves* ~Ja-ne~

How to: Tips for being a good boyfriend!

Konbanwa, minna-san! MK is feeling a little better now, for whatever reason. I’m still feeling kinda gloomy, but not as bad as before.

Anyway, earlier today I talked to a friend of mine who lives over-seas on MSN Messenger. For weeks everytime I noticed him online he had a display name or personal message that said something about some girl that he obviously had feelings for. Naturally, this caused me to realize that he must have found a new girlfriend. I guessed  my curiosity just suddenly got the best of me – and of course, how could I pass up a chance to learn more about the male species? [^_^]

So I messaged him and after the usual small talk (“how’s school?” etc.) I said something like “So, you seem to have found a new female companion.” He laughed and formed a clever, indefinite way of saying “Yes”. Eventually I ended up giving him a couple tips about this particular topic, in which I consider myself an expert *winks*.

Anyway, so I decided to share some of my expertise with minna-san!!! \[*v*]/ <— Love Guru ♥

AWWW! Sweet!

AWWW! Sweet!

OK, here I go (note: some of these tips aren’t exactly the most important things, but they’re useful… I hope [-_-]).

Be a gentleman at all times!

This one might seem simple and “obvious” but it’s just so important, it must be said! Chivalry might seem lame and old fashion, but I for one believe that it is still one of the best, simplest ways to show your girl that you care about her. It also shows that you are respectful and willing to put her before yourself. I’m not certain about how much this means to most girls, but MK melts when a guy is  like that [♥.♥].

Be honest at all times!

Hmmm, what more can I say about this… Oh! Why? Because she wants to be able to trust you just like you want to be able to trust her. But even if you want to trust someone, it’s still hard to trust someone who has lied to you or broken a promise or anything like that. So don’t give her any reasons not to trust you.

Take responsibility

If something is your fault let it be know that you realize that and will do what you have to to fix it. I personally find it UBER attractive when a guy can admit that he’s wrong and take on the consequences. It’s just… macho. It’s like the saying “Take it like a man!”. Men take the blows when they know they’ve done something to deserve it.

Be thoughtful

It’s the most special feeling when a girl learns that her guy thinks about her often. Let your girl know that she’s important to you and that she’s always on your mind. This can be done my just giving her a simple gift out of the blue or doing her a favor out of the blue, or just doing anything for her without being asked. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t afford anything grand. It’s the thought that counts. [^.^]

Defend her

How lovely! [*v*]

If someone’s bugging her, tell them to back off. If someone’s dissing her, stand up for her. Be a little protective of her (don’t be a crazy stalker dude, though 0_0!). If the two of you go out on a date, make sure she has a safe way of getting back home. Take her home yourself if you have to. She should always feel safe with you. Never leave her in potentially dangerous situations.

Never ditch her

That doesn’t mean you have to stalk her! Let her have her space, but be attentive. This is yet another way of ensuring her that you care. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any time alone or with your guys. It just means that you have to remember that girls can be super sensitive (like MK [;_;]). So don’t act like you don’t want to be around her or are avoiding her (some guys do this to make girls long for them or something – what losers \[`A´]~!). Make sure she knows you enjoy being with her.

Always wear the same cologne

This is something I explained to my friend. I know this makes a difference from my own experience.

When a guy I like always wears the same cologne, it creates something for me to always remember him by. It’s very hard to explain, but it kinda makes me remember him distinctly and like whenever I smell that cologne or one that smells kind of like it, it triggers memories of him and it just makes me smile. I guess it makes a girl feel more secure or something. Plus girls really notice how a guy smells. It’s attractive when a guy smells good. Not too much though!

OK, that seems like about all the advice MK can give. Note: these tips may not work for all girls. Everyone’s different. Just use common sense + the Love Guru’s (me [^_^]) expertise *LOL* and you should be fine.

Guys what do you think of the tips? Would you try chivalry on a girl you like? Girls, did I hit the nail on the head, or did I just smash my thumb with the hammer? (I just made that up *proud of self*) Do y’all have any tips to add?

Also, Ane-san, I’m curious to know what you think about this and what other tips you have!