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Over the Waves is MissionaryK‘s (a.k.a. MK) second blog. Initially she started a group blog with her two best friends. The three met some years ago on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Since they don’t get to spend much time together in person (especially MK – she’s in a different grade than the others), they decided to start a group blog as a way to stay connected while at the same time sharing their thoughts and experiences with others.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out too well, as both of MK’s friends couldn’t keep up with the blog, due to their busy schedules. So… MK was left alone (MK —> [T_T]).

But MK has found a true hobby in blogging, so she is determined to make this blog work even if she’s going to do it herself. So she does her best to blog diligently and keep things active here at Over the Waves.

MK basically blogs about whatever comes to mind or whatever is going on in her life. She’s very much into Japanese culture, specifically Manga and Anime. She doesn’t speak Japanese fully, though she’d love to learn. She knows a few words and her  vocabulary is slowly growing (You’ll notice her using Japanese words in her posts). But although she loves anime and manga, she doesn’t always blog about them. There’s really not a specific topic that she blogs about. MK just spontaneously blogs what she feels.

More About MissionaryK

In person, MK initially seems like a shy, quiet person, but when she gets to know you, she opens up completely and becomes… a goofy clown [^.-]! But online, she skips the first part (getting to know you) all together. For reasons that are still unknown to her, MK has always been much more outgoing online than in person. This is one of the reasons why she decided to start this group blog in the first place. Though she’d love to be able to just jump on a stage in front of many people and speak her – unusual – mind, she’s never been outgoing enough to be able to do that in person. But with this blog, she can speak her mind freely, withough the problems of shyness and nerves!

Oh! And she wants everyone to know that she is actually not Japanese at all, but she loves Japanese culture and language so much that she likes to use Japanese words in her posts. Please don’t respond to MK in full Japanese sentences, because she knows no kanji or kana and still knows very little Japanese. She doesn’t mind simple sentences in Romaji, though, as these small challenges help her to learn faster. She apologizes if all of this causes confusion.


First name: MissionaryK

Nicknames: MK, Sachi-chan

Gender: Female

Age group: Teenager

Website: www.Teen-Fortress.com

Race: Black – Caribbean

Religion: Seventh-Day Adventist Christian

Hobbies: Drawing Manga, reading manga, watching anime, surfing the net(if that’s even a real hobby), playing the guitar, blogging, playing soccer, webmastering.

Interests: Anime and Manga, website making (HTML, CSS etc.), Japanese culture, art, computer graphics, electronics, video games, music, biology, and more random stuff.

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Manga: Me and My Brothers by Hari Tokeino

Favorite Anime: Ai Mai Mi Strawberry Eggs

Favorite types of music: Most types except Metal, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Depends on the song. Christian

Favorite Celebrity: Chris Brown (pending…) [>.<]

Likes: Brand new computers and electronics, being in the manga section of book-stores, talking to God, dogs, being with friends, being alone, etc.

Dislikes: Swearing, cold, guys who hit women, people who don’t have a sense of humor etc.

Personality in one word: Neutral

You can contact MK by leaving a comment anywhere at this blog. Or you can email her at: missionaryk@gmail.com.

Be sure to check out my website at www.Teen-Fortress.com.

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