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*finally got wireless internet access*

*finally got wireless internet access*

Hora minna-san!9_thumb.gif

MK just got back from a nice day at her new school here in this wonderful place!

And guess where I happen to be right now?

I’m in our new permanent (well, almost permanent) house here in this wonderful place!18

This weekend my family and I spent a great deal of our time getting everything ready and moving into this house. We’re still far from being finished, but now we can actually stay here overnight.

To be honest I’m super happy about us finally starting to settle down. The last place we were staying at before moving in here, was really small. At first it was the three of us (me, mom and brother) living there and I was already going nuts because there’s no place to sit by yourself and do homework orhave Quiet Time. Then, to make matters worse, my dad and sister came and stayed there too. So I was really dying in there with one bathroom and one bedroom.

Anyway. So… (what was MK supposed to be blogging about?)

Well, I was gonna discuss with minna-san possibilities for designs for MK’s new bedroom. But I’ve already spent all my free time here, so I must now leave minna-san to go work on my homework.


Comments on: "MK’s Current Living Circumstances" (2)

  1. Just wondered what country you live in. I am trying to make a personal listing of the countries that ADventists live in. Gives me something to do I guess. Thanks

  2. Konbanwa, Marvin!

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name of the country where I live. But I’ll tell you that there are Adventists in almost every country. We’re not like a specific tribe of people who originated from a small villiage in India or something (MK feels slightly offended by Marvin’s statement [u_u]).

    May I ask why you need this listing of countries where Adventists live?

    Thanks for commenting [^_^]! Hope you’ll come back soon!

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