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*watching tv*

*watching tv*

Konbanwa minna-san!Text emote 14

MK’s here to tell you the good news!

I finally got The Sims 3!!!

Unfortunately, since MK hasn’t blogged in so long, this news is already quite old. I actually bought The Sims 3 more than a week ago.

The plus-side is, MK can now show minna-san her family!Text emote 6

And in order to show minna-san MK’s Family’s Story in a more fun and interesting way, I’ve spent the last… about 10 days… working on this video about MK’s Family!

If you’re wondering why it took so long to make a 6-minute video, it’s because MK made all of the media in this whole video herself.

The thing is MK started by just making the background song in GarageBand (only available on Macs) and she was planning to just show minna-san her song in a seperate post. But then I came up with the idea of making a video about my family and decided to use my own little song (if it can even be called a song – it’s more like … a mix [?]) in my video.

I hope minna-san enjoys watching MK’s video which she posted on Youtube yesterday.

What did minna-san think, ne? Should I make more videos?

Leave a comment and let me know!


Comments on: "MK’s Quest for The Sims 3: Complete!" (2)

  1. That was a great and splendid video! (Laughs)

    Nice, happy story of your sims family. They get along very well! Baa~ If you are making more, sheep looks forward to watching your videos. Add some drama into it, ok? (Titters)

  2. Tankies, Ms. Aya for your compliments! (n_n)

    Yes, I did notice that this story was lacking a lot in the drama department.

    I plan to make a new video as soon as possible! (^v^)/

    What did Ane-san think of the music in the background. Sachi-chan put a lot of her time and energy into that song. \(*v*)/

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