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*finally got wireless internet access*

*finally got wireless internet access*

Konbanwa minna-san!9


There’s so much to tell minna-san, MK hardly knows where to start!20

OK! I know! I’ll fill minna-san in on our trip here. Hopefully this won’t take too long.

11 Our trip to the USA!11

So, we began our trip on one early Sunday morning in July. The entire family had hardly had time to rest their eyes the night before as they were too busy taking care of last minute affairs. To be honest, when it comes to traveling, everything is a last minute affair for MK and her family. We always pack on the same day that we’re leaving and during the last minutes we’re always rushing around the house cleaning up messes and picking up things like toothbrushes, laptops and PSP’s.

Of course, MK had specifically made plans (in advance!) to show off her awesome new Converse All Stars on this trip, so long and perilous.

049And with my handy-dandy giant-sized pink suitcase and backpack, I was fully pack and prepared for the trip!

050Oh! A tip for minna-san:

When going on a trip, especially when that trip consists of multiple plane flights, MK has noticed that the smartest way to go is to carry only a backpack as carry-on luggage. This is helpful because with only a single backpack:

  • One can run much faster and more easily.
  • One’s hands are completely free.
  • If one has a laptop, he can place it in there instead of carrying those messenger laptop bags that are painful to the shoulder after prolonged use.
  • Usually one good spacey backpack can carry all the entertainment and extras that you need (as opposed to having multiple handbags and/or messenger bags.

OK, moving on:

After our first flight, we had arrived on one of the neighboring islands where we’d be spending one night in a very luxurious hotel suite. But before showing minna-san our suite, I must first introduce minna-san to MK’s favorite bear in the whole world and our companion on this trip.


His name is England (Isn’t he cute?)! He’s MK’s favorite teddy of 7 years! If you’re wondering what’s up with his unusual name, I called him England London because I bought him in London, England about 7 years ago! If you look at the little emblem on his chest, you’ll see that it’s the old flag of England. And what minna-san can’t see (because his necklace is blocking it) is that above the little flag emblem, it says England. Yet another reason to name him that.18

OK, so here are some pictures (by MK) of our room!


Very large Plasma-screen TV!

Very plushy, soft King-sized bed!

Very plushy, soft King-sized bed!


Smaller LCD-screen TV

Other LCD-screen TV – Not as cool as the Plasma, but still cool.

”]075Hmmm… It seems those are pretty much all the pictures I took of this suite…

Oh! But it seems I also took a little video of the bathroom. (MK loves nice bathrooms!)

OK, I’m tired now. MK’s off to play The Sims 3 which she bought last week! I’ll be sure to blog about my sim and her endeavors soon!


PS. Sorry about the problems with the framing of the pictures, I was using Windows Writer, so it’s a little out of wack.

Comments on: "MK’s Family Summer Vacation Part 2" (2)

  1. The last time you went on a trip, you also recorded a video in the bathroom didn’t you? (Laughs)

    Anyway, konbanwa!

    Which part of US did you visit? How are the people there? Are they as violent and obnoxious as implied in TV shows?

    The shoes looks good on you and so does Mr England with his necklace on. (Laughs)

    I’m in a hurry so, catch up with Sachi-chan later!

  2. Yes, Sachi-chan loves luxurious and spacious bathrooms very much. I just find them very relaxing and romantic. When I grow up and am a successful doctor, I hope to live in a beautiful house with a very nice bathroom where I and my husband can relax in peace. [^_^]

    I’m in Florida right now. The people here actually seem a lot more friendly than the people back at home. They’re definitely more talkative. And since Sachi-chan is so very shy, she feels rather self-conscious around these people. But I like that they’re more pleasant. Sachi-chan just wishes she wasn’t so shy [u.u].

    LOL! Yes, England likes to look very handsome for the lady teddies out there [^_-]v~!

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