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This is MK blogging to you from my family vacation. Right now we’re on our first stop on out 2-day trip to the US. We’re still in the Caribbean, on one of the neighboring islands. But we’re really enjoying our beautiful hotel room. We’re all pretty much just chillin’. My dad has been working so hard, he really deserves this vacation. It’s nice to see him rest for once.18

Anyway, MK is hoping to keep minna-san updated during this vacation. I’m planning to do a post whenever possible letting minna-san know what’s been up. I’m taking lots of pics to show minna-san.

MK failed to do a post yesterday, so just in case I don’t get time to finish my first vacation update, here’s one of my favorites on Youtube. It’s a The Sims 3 trailer. I really like it. Hopefully minna-san will to.

When MK gets a hold of her own copy of The Sims 3, she hopes to make her Sim similar to the Party Animal sims in this video. And I’m hoping to get it very soon!!!41(1)

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