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Moving away~!

*deep in thought*

*deep in thought*

Oyasumi minna-san!9_thumb.gif

As promised, MK‘s going to try to write a less boring post. But I must ask minna-san to please forgive me if I do not succeed. *bows*

In one of my last posts “MK’s been Tagged” I made a very slight hint at something when I wrote:

8.What is your dream about future: I hope to be living somewhere nice… hmm, I think I need to do a post about this soon…

So now, this is that post… MK must make an announcement.

My family is moving!Text emote 11

Of course my little waving emoticon↑ is not waving at minna-san, because I’m still going to be blogging in the exact same blog. But soon my family and I will be moving to away from our tiny little island.

MK has totally mixed up feelings about this.

On one hand, I’m happy because the island that I live on is pretty slow and… old-fashion. Minna-san might have heard MK complaining about her horrible internet connection here. So I’m definitely looking forward to an upgrade in the speed and reliability of the internet connection where we’re going. Also, this island is so tiny, with hardly any cool facilities (like shopping centers, movie theaters, bowling alleys etc.), that MK is really looking forward to living in a real country on a real continent for the first time in her life.

On the other hand, I’m quite scared of having to start over completely. I’m really not looking forward to saying goodbye to my close friends who have become like family to MK through the (almost) six years that she’s been living here. When we move, I won’t have any friends and family, and I know very little about the country I’m moving to. MK will pretty much be “stepping into the unknown”!!!Text emote 12

The main thing that’s comforting MK is the fact that she has her Best Friend who will be joining her on her trip → God.Text emote 14

So, now minna-san must be wondering where exactly I’ll be going. Well, I won’t say exactly which contry I’ll be moving to, but I will tell you that it’s a country in… EUROPE! The rest is up to minna-san’s imagination!Text emote 3

This trip to MK’s new home is definitely gonna be quite a doozy. We’re going to be crossing the atlantic ocean.

MK's trip long trip to her new home!

MK's trip long trip to her new home!

I’ve been to this country before and I remember the trip there very well. Come to think of it, the flight was actually one of the most enjoyable flights I’ve experienced!  But I was only about seven years old at the time, so of course I was more excited about the eight-hour flight than I should have been, so I’m afraid things might not go just as smoothly this time.26

*sigh* Anyway, as I said above, God will be with me through it all. I just have to stay positive about this. I’m trying to think of this as a big, fun adventure. Hopefully I won’t have a total meltdown when the time comes to actually say goodbye to my friends and family here for good! *gulp*

Alright, it’s almost past my bedtime *LOL*. I should wrap this up now. I hope minna-san enjoyed this post and did not find it as boring as my previous posts.

Bye bye, now!

Ja~ne! Text emote 9

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