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How to Pass Time at an Airport

*waiting for my flight back home!*

*waiting for my flight back home!*

Ohayou minna-san!

This is MK who was just not so nice to her mom when she asked her to go do something for her. I feel bad about it now…Text emote 2 One must always be respectful to his or her parents.


OK, enough sulking.

MK is currently at the Orlando International Airport where she and her mom are taking a flight home. We actually have to take a total of 3 flights to reach to our destination. That’s pretty exhausting even just to think of, so MK is passing the time here blogging to minna-san! … And doing other things like:

  • Listening to music: “FYI – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Utada Hikaru
  • Browsing through Youtube videos (but I’m too impatient to wait for them to load – since the internet access here is pretty slow)
  • IM-ing my friends on MSN Messenger
  • Other random stuff

Yup, so MK always finds random things to at airports and gets along with the long hours of waiting quite well. But I’ve noticed that many other people aren’t as fortunate.

Right now, my mom and many other people here in this terminal waiting area are spending their time either sleeping or staring into space looking bored sick. I mean, most of these people seem to have something to do, but it looks like many of them don’t.

So in case you are one of those people who never has a clue what to do to pass the time at an airport, MK is going to give minna-san a list of 5 things to do to pass time at an airport:

1. Browse through available stores.

The airport you’re in most likely contains all kinds of apparel, electronics, and book stores that you can browse around in and – if you’re not cheap like MK – maybe even buy some stuff. Be warned: Airport stores are usually more expensive than other regular stores.

2. Read

MK's reading material

MK's reading material: "A guide to Windows Vista"

Reading is one of the most classic and effective ways to pass time – or at least in my opinion. I always carry at least one book or magazine with me when traveling. Books and magazines can be used at anytime. Unlike some electronics and laptops which can’t be used during certain parts of flights and have limited battery life.

3. Listen to music

Music always lightens the mood and makes any unpleasant experience more tolerable. Always travel with your MP3 player, iPod or PSP if you have one and make sure to keep it loaded with all your favorite tunes. It can be a life saver!

4. Draw Manga!

I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. But you can take it as just “Draw”. I love drawing even though I’m not that good and with my sketchpad and pencil in hand, I definitely enjoy looking like I have some kind of skill in the Art department. Maybe you’re good at drawing, in that case it should be even more fun for you. Be sure to bring along your sketchpad and pencil whenever you travel.

5. Count how many people are using iPhones right now!

MK, as some of you may know, is very much into tech and also loves to observe people and her surroundings. I’ve noticed while being in the US that there are tons of iPhones EVERYWHERE! I love the iPhone and I especially love the latest iPhone 3G, so I definitely enjoy seeing so many people taping on their iPhones. I’ve kinda made a game of looking for people with iPhones. Why not try making your own game?

OK, MK must rush away now! My plane is boarding!


MK’s Quest for The Sims 3: Complete!

*watching tv*

*watching tv*

Konbanwa minna-san!Text emote 14

MK’s here to tell you the good news!

I finally got The Sims 3!!!

Unfortunately, since MK hasn’t blogged in so long, this news is already quite old. I actually bought The Sims 3 more than a week ago.

The plus-side is, MK can now show minna-san her family!Text emote 6

And in order to show minna-san MK’s Family’s Story in a more fun and interesting way, I’ve spent the last… about 10 days… working on this video about MK’s Family!

If you’re wondering why it took so long to make a 6-minute video, it’s because MK made all of the media in this whole video herself.

The thing is MK started by just making the background song in GarageBand (only available on Macs) and she was planning to just show minna-san her song in a seperate post. But then I came up with the idea of making a video about my family and decided to use my own little song (if it can even be called a song – it’s more like … a mix [?]) in my video.

I hope minna-san enjoys watching MK’s video which she posted on Youtube yesterday.

What did minna-san think, ne? Should I make more videos?

Leave a comment and let me know!


From the Apple Store

Konbanwa minna-san!

You’ll notice that MK is using no pictures in this post. That’s because right now I’m in the Apple Store at our favorite mall!

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say. Plus, I don’t want anyone who’s standing behind me here to be reading what I’m doing [.___.]{!).





Konbanwa minna-san!

MK‘s going to quickly show minna-san a video which she finds extremely nice. This group is called Libera. I don’t know much about them but my dad has a DVD of them and it’s very good. This song is my favorite. Every time I listen to it, it almost brings me to tears. I love how their voices are so pure and innocent! OK, now let’s see what minna-san thinks


MK’s Family Summer Vacation Part 2

*finally got wireless internet access*

*finally got wireless internet access*

Konbanwa minna-san!9


There’s so much to tell minna-san, MK hardly knows where to start!20

OK! I know! I’ll fill minna-san in on our trip here. Hopefully this won’t take too long.

11 Our trip to the USA!11

So, we began our trip on one early Sunday morning in July. The entire family had hardly had time to rest their eyes the night before as they were too busy taking care of last minute affairs. To be honest, when it comes to traveling, everything is a last minute affair for MK and her family. We always pack on the same day that we’re leaving and during the last minutes we’re always rushing around the house cleaning up messes and picking up things like toothbrushes, laptops and PSP’s.

Of course, MK had specifically made plans (in advance!) to show off her awesome new Converse All Stars on this trip, so long and perilous.

049And with my handy-dandy giant-sized pink suitcase and backpack, I was fully pack and prepared for the trip!

050Oh! A tip for minna-san:

When going on a trip, especially when that trip consists of multiple plane flights, MK has noticed that the smartest way to go is to carry only a backpack as carry-on luggage. This is helpful because with only a single backpack:

  • One can run much faster and more easily.
  • One’s hands are completely free.
  • If one has a laptop, he can place it in there instead of carrying those messenger laptop bags that are painful to the shoulder after prolonged use.
  • Usually one good spacey backpack can carry all the entertainment and extras that you need (as opposed to having multiple handbags and/or messenger bags.

OK, moving on:

After our first flight, we had arrived on one of the neighboring islands where we’d be spending one night in a very luxurious hotel suite. But before showing minna-san our suite, I must first introduce minna-san to MK’s favorite bear in the whole world and our companion on this trip.


His name is England (Isn’t he cute?)! He’s MK’s favorite teddy of 7 years! If you’re wondering what’s up with his unusual name, I called him England London because I bought him in London, England about 7 years ago! If you look at the little emblem on his chest, you’ll see that it’s the old flag of England. And what minna-san can’t see (because his necklace is blocking it) is that above the little flag emblem, it says England. Yet another reason to name him that.18

OK, so here are some pictures (by MK) of our room!


Very large Plasma-screen TV!

Very plushy, soft King-sized bed!

Very plushy, soft King-sized bed!


Smaller LCD-screen TV

Other LCD-screen TV – Not as cool as the Plasma, but still cool.

”]075Hmmm… It seems those are pretty much all the pictures I took of this suite…

Oh! But it seems I also took a little video of the bathroom. (MK loves nice bathrooms!)

OK, I’m tired now. MK’s off to play The Sims 3 which she bought last week! I’ll be sure to blog about my sim and her endeavors soon!


PS. Sorry about the problems with the framing of the pictures, I was using Windows Writer, so it’s a little out of wack.

MK’s Family Summer Vacation ~ Part 1

*Using Windows Live Writer* Ohayou minna-san!1

This is MK blogging to you from her beautiful hotel room where she and her family have been staying for two days and will be staying for about a week more!

Speaking of our hotel room, minna-san would probably like to see a couple pictures, ne? (Runs and snaps up a few pictures) Though I don’t have very many…


Looks like a house, ne?

Yes, that hotel “room” looks a lot more like a hotel “house”, doesn’t it? Well, sorry to burst minna-san’s bubble, but really, our room is just one part of this house that you see here.26

But it’s really not such a bad thing that we only get a small part of this house because our part is still pretty awesome!

*Looks for pictures of the inside of the room*

Unfortunately, MK must report to minna-san that all the pictures she has of the room have MK and her family in them. I’m sorry about that and I promise to post pictures of this beautiful room later. I hope minna-san will not mind the wait so much.17

I must leave you now. Sorry this post is so short. MK has very little time spent on her computer now because we’re always going somewhere or doing something. *Gomen*

I’ll be sure to try and blog again soon!


PS. Gomenassai for taking so long to post again. To MK’s great dismay, there’s no wireless internet connection in our beautiful hotel room, so I haven’t been able to connect on my laptop in day!26.gifHopefully I’ll get back on again soon!

Ninja Prank in Garage



Oyasuminasai minna-san!9.gif

Apologies, but once again, MK doesn’t have enough time to report on her vacation today. Gomen, minna-san!Text emote 2

I will tell minna-san that tomorrow, my family and I will be touching down on our final destination in this trip and seeing MK’s big sister!Text emote 6

Anyway, once again another…

Youtube video!

Obviously, this video is very short, but I thought it was pretty funny the first time I saw it! Hope minna-san enjoyed it too!

Ja~ne!Text emote 10