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*trying to relax*

*trying to relax*

Ohayou to minna-san on this Sunday morningText emote 1!

At the moment, MK is trying to enjoy some of her morning because she has a busy day ahead of her. This upcoming week is going to be filled with tests that are all going to count very heavily for our grades for each subject. MK’s quite smart and can sustain wonderful grades with little effort. That’s why she usually looks forward to this week of tests. But last semester, MK discovered (to her great dismay) that her grades for that semester were slightly lower that they usually areText emote 7. So this semester, MK has been putting extra effort into her schoolwork to make sure that her grades get back to where they always are.


Anyway, enough about tests. MK feels like she should apologize [once again] for her long absence here [-__-]. I really wish I could be one of those great bloggers who always has time to blog and can always find something cool to blog about. But at the moment, I’m not *gomen*. That’s why I want to work towards blogging more and blogging about things minna-san wants to hear about. Starting… NOW!


OK! One thing MK is DYING to blog about is… THE SIMS 3! As a couple of you might know, I’m a HUGE Sims fan! The Sims games have been my favorite video games for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved being able to have as much freedom as possible in a game. That’s why I also like games like Grand Theft Auto, Toontown and Runescape. But of course the Sims tops all of them because it has the perfect focus: Life. I love catering to my sims’ needs and having them work their ways up the corporate ladder and fulfill their wants and aspirations.

At the moment, I don’t have my own copy of The Sims 3 yetText emote 2. But I do have a collection of The Sims and The Sims 2 base game and expansion packs!

MK's Sims Collection

MK's Sims Collection

I bought all of the Sims 2 games over time, slowly buying whichever one I still didn’t have. So now I have all of the expansion packs but only one stuff pack. The Sims 1 expansion packs were all given to me by Yoshi, one of my best friends, he bought them for me when he went overseas (Thanks Yoshi-kunText emote 9!). Unfortunately, I can’t play them because I don’t have The Sims base game. But I’m definitely glad to have them to add to my collection. Each of the Sims 1 boxes has two expansion packs in them, so in total I’ve got 6 The Sims expansion packs and 8 The Sims 2 expansion packs.

Anyway, so MK is planning to buy The Sims 3 on her next trip to the US in a few weeks. But what concerns me right now is the system requirements. The system requirements for The Sims 3 are quite high, and I don’t think MK’s weak little laptop will be able to meet all of the requirements! DoushiyouText emote 12?! (What shall I do!?)

My mom is often complaining about how she really needs a computer of her own. So I was thinking that maybe, I could convice her, while we’re in the US, to get a desktop computer. One that will be able to play The Sims 3 easily, of course. Then we’ll both be happy. But I’m not sure whether that’ll happen. *sigh* We’ll see…

OK, It’s now about 12pm here, so I plan to get started on schoolwork soon. That means it’s time to go.

*Listening to: Bad Day – Alvin & The Chipmunks*


PS. I’ll try my best to get another post in as soon as possible.

OH! I almost forgot!

Unfortunately… MK’s awesome shoes still haven’t arrived here *cries*. I’ve been tracking them through the United States Postal Service website, and it seems as though they’ve been stuck in one area for several days already21! I’m really praying they’ll get moving again this week…


Bye bye now Text emote 8

Comments on: "MK’s Quest for The SIMS 3!" (5)

  1. Sachi-chan is the intellectual type huh? Cool, you don’t have to worry about exams like the other students.

    U~waa! You have all the expansion packs for the Sims 2!? (o_o) Sachi-chan sugei! About Sims 3.. I hope your laptop can accommodate the game and if it can’t — hopefully by luck you get a desktop computer. (^-^)/

    As a fan of Sims, you can’t sit this game out!

    PS: Your shoes haven’t arrive? Holy zen! They better send your shoes over because you’ve waited long enough!

  2. Yes, Sachi-chan is very blessed not to have to spend hours studying in order to achieve great marks! Thank God for that [^_^]/! I think He’s the one that gives my my smarticles.

    Hai! I’m very proud of my large collection of The Sims expansion packs! Now my latest desire is to add The Sims 3 to my collection [n_n]b{Hai!).

    Oooh cool!! I just came up with a new text emoticon! Thumbs up [^_^]b!

    Yes, I too am praying that The Sims 3 will be able to work on my laptop, though it probably won’t move half as quickly as Ane-san’s [;_;]… But if that’s the case, there’s always Plan: B (a.k.a. Plan: Buy a new desktop [^_-]b).

    One of my friends just got a hold of The Sims 3. I’m hoping to get to at least see it in person as soon as possible.

    About my shoes: I just got word from my grandpa that they’re currently on one of the neighboring islands. Apparently something went wrong and my package ended up being shipped there instead of here. So now the objective is to get Sachi-chan’s package here so she can make use of her awesome shoes~! [^_^]v

  3. I’ve Never Heard about those The Sims 1 Version o_O two expansion per box?

    i want the red box (The Complete Collection) to my collection

    Thanks For Sharing 🙂


  5. MK i will trade you my sims 3 game for your collection of sims 2. Accually i will trade anyone my sims 3 copy for the whole set of sims2!!!!PLZ

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