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*dreadfully awaiting slaughter*

*dreadfully awaiting slaughter*

Hora minna-san!

This is MK who is currently very angry and dreadful of what is to come!21

I had set my sights on spending about an hour blogging today. But that was until my plan was soiled when my mom begged me to tag along with her to some birthday party of this girl I really don’t know. MK tries to be friendly, but is not good around people she doesn’t know well. Especially when she’s in their home!Text emote 12

But even though MK’s mom knows that she’s so painfully shy, she still tries to force MK into visiting these people’s house for more than an HOUR! That is true torture. I believe she might be getting back at me for the nine months of pregnancy I put her through. *fake laughs* …Text emote 2Nothing’s funny when one is awaiting her slaughter…

Well, I must go now… *boo-hoo* wish me luck…

Bye-bye minna-san!!! Text emote 8

PS. I will try my best to get at least one post done this week!


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