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Anime Love♥

*just watched "Prom Night"*

*just watched "Prom Night"*

Konbanwa minna-san!91

Once again MK apologizes for not having blogged in so long.

But now I’d like to share with minna-san two nice videos I found on youtube. They’re both about anime couples. MK’s a huge fan of Shoujo and any romance books or movies, so I was just surfing around for Anime Love videos.

Here’s what I found:

This first one is one I actually found since last year. I like the pictures (though it does include some yuri and yaoi pics), but I especially love the music in this video. After I heard this song on this video I downloaded it, because I love the song.

I’m not sure, but I believe the song is called Kaze no machi he by Tsubasa Chronicles.

This one is also very nice. One thing I like better about the first one, is that the music is in English and generally, in my opinion, not as fitting and apropriate for the video. But I like the pictures in this video much better than the first.

The song in this video is What’s Left of Me by Nich Lachey.31I hope you enjoyed the videos as much as I did. If only I could merge the two videos and make one with the music from the first video and the pictures of the second and I’d have an almost perfect video40.

Alright, it’s now time for MK to go.


Comments on: "Anime Love♥" (3)

  1. Whoa~ Sachi-chan is turning lovey-dovey?
    Or you’re starting to feel curious about romancing? (Laughs)

  2. [u_u] Sheep-chan is correct… Sachi-chan has been beginning to feel very interested in lovey-dovey romance stuffsies the last couple years [>.<].

    *sigh* I guess it's a normal part of one's development (according to books and websites that I've read…).

    Sachi-chan must admit that she has been secretly wishing for a "special male companion". *blush*

  3. I think I’m going to blog about Sachi-chan’s new feelings about lovey-dovey-ness and romance.

    *begins post*

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