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Pretty emoticons!

*very chill*

*very chill*

Konnichiwa minna-san! [^ω^]v It is MK once again!

I’m glad I finally found the time to blog again, and this time, I feel I might have something less meaningless to blog about than my last post [¬.¬]||.

Hmmm, having just used that emoticon, I’ve just remembered something:  On Monday MK found some pretty cute animated text emoticons which she immediately downloaded for her personal use.

1 2 3 6 7 10 16111131

Attenion: Obviously, some of these emoticons contain japanese phrases in them which MK does not understand, so if anyone would be willing to decode the phrases, MK would be ever so grateful!

After downloading these and many more, I was still not satisfied with what I had acquired. That’s why: … I downloaded some more! 1

31 5 211161 12 22

These are also very nice, but I can tell I probably won’t be using them as often as the text emotes above.

If minna-san is wondering why MK has chosen kitty cat emotes, it’s not because I’m a cat-lover. Not at all, MK actually dislikes cats. I find them very unloyal and mean in general. I’d much rather have a dog than a cat. Unfortunately, the reality is actually the opposite, MK has had three cats, but never any dogs 10! Anyway, MK has once been known to some of her closest friends as “Kitty”. This is a name I actually chose for myself just because I liked it. Anyway, that’s why I often associate myself with kitty cats (meeow). Also, they’re very cute!40

Hmmm, it’s become very late very quickly…

MK must now leave for she has much homework to finish.

Sayou! 91

Comments on: "Pretty emoticons!" (4)

  1. 2nd emoticon says: Niyahaha!

    9th: “Arienai!” which means “It can’t be!” or “Impossible!!!”

    Haha~ I don’t fancy cats for the same reason as you. They are unfriendly, disloyal and good for nothing!

  2. Oooh! Arigatou for the translations! I was quite curious to know that they meant.

    I have quite a few others that also have Japanese in them, hopefully when I use them you can help me decode their meanings again [^_^]||| *feels so foreign needing so much help with translation*

    Yes, I think my whole family would agree that cats really are good for nothing. My mom always calls our cat “Troublesome cat” because they really are trouble some. They just take the food and they don’t give much of anything back (except for the occasional dead mouse that they might drag in front of our door [>.<] *eeewww*) LOL.

  3. No problem. I’ll translate to you.

    Haha… Cats are really useless yet I don’t understand why most people love and adore them. Dogs deserve more attention and love.

  4. LOL, Very true. Dogs are so much more loyal and friendly. They also seem so much smarter than cats. It’s SO hard to get a cat to learn a trick.

    To me, dogs seem to have more capacity for common sense, because a dog, if he seems that one thing (like maybe chewing up shoes) leads to another thing (getting punished) in some time, he’ll put the two together and realize that if he doesn’t want to get punished, he shouldn’t chew up shoes.

    Cats just don’t catch on as quickly. And it seems to me that even when they do catch on, they don’t have a conscience. Like my cat: We always tell him to stay out of the kitchen, but even though he knows it’s wrong, I’ll still see him creeping in when he thinks I’m not looking (Bad kitty!)

    But no offense to cat-lovers. Cat’s aren’t bad. It’s just my opinion that dogs are nicer and more fun to have.

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