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Oyasumi minna-san!

Recently, MK was in her parents’ room when she stumbled upon a very farmiliar-looking CD. I recognized it as an old dance CD my sister always used to blast really loudly in the house when my parents weren’t home. I think I was about 6 years old around that time. Since it’s that old, it was really badly scratched and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work. Still, I popped it into my CD drive (since normally computers do much better with scratched CD than CD players).

It actually seemed to be working, so I quickly zipped through the songs for anything that sounded farmiliar. In particular, I was actually looking for this one song that I used to really like. I couldn’t remember much about the song other than that it was a techno-ish song with a female singer. In the end I ended up finding three songs that I remember.  I ripped them to my PC. Two of them, I don’t think, are very popular, but the third one is a very well-known song: It’s called September ’99 by Earth, Wind and Fire.

Oh! Also, MK found a really cool charm for her Palm Centro today! [^_^] It actually came attached to this bottle of perfume that I got from my dad. The funny thing is, I hate getting perfume, and this one costed my dad like $60, but instead of being all excited about the perfume itself, MK was very happy with her little charm which fit perfectly on her phone. [¯v¯] Here’s MK’s new charm:↓

MK's pretty charm for her phone

MK's pretty charm for her phone

MK's newly made over keitai!

MK's newly made over keitai!

Anyway, it’s now time for MK to head to bed… Plus my mom’s begging me to use my laptop for something [u__u].

Oh! Gomenassai (Sorry) for taking so long to update my blog. This week has been a real blur. Not sure where all my time went. [>_<]{Sorry)


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