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*dreading doing HW*

*dreading doing HW*

Konbanwa minna-san! Genki desu ka?

OK, MK‘s not really going to be a farmer (well actually, who am I to say? One day, I might). But yesterday, although I wasn’t supposed to be working this week (we have lots of tests to study for), I ended up having to go anyway because I was “needed”. I guess that’s the meaning of responsibility… [u_u]

Anyway, so although MK was all alone at work and had very little to do, she couldn’t bring herself to begin studying for the test she had the following day. This happens to me ALL the time, I don’t get why I just need to find something else to do instead of just getting my homework or studies over with… [-__-] I guess that’s the meaning of irresponsibility. (LOL)

So, insteady of studying MK decided to entertain herself by playing around randomly with her Centro. After calling and texting random people and typing random stuff on my QWERTY keyboard (it’s fun to type when you have a full keyboard! [^-^]), I decided to look around the store (where I work) at the “merchandise”. As I was looking around I came across a somewhat interesting little booklet.

*Interesting little booklet*

*Interesting little booklet*

Apparantly it’s a “farmer’s almanac”. I know I used to have this “Almanac” book with lots of information in it about pretty much everything. It was pretty fun to have. (I wonder where it is now[.__.]{?). So, I would guess that this little interesting booklet must have all kinds of information about farming.


I’d seen quite a few people come in and buy such booklets during my days working at the store, but I’d never really looked inside. So… why not learn something new about farming?

Mr. Mac Donald

Mr. Mac Donald

Apparantly this guy↑ was Mr. Mac Donald (hence the name of the booklet, “Mac Donald’s Farmer’s Almanac”). The picture wasn’t extremely clear in the book, so it came out even worse on MK’s Centro‘s camera [-__-]{Gomen). I’ve never heard of a “Mac Donald” in history or anything and I don’t think this is the founder of the fast-food restaurant McDonalds (I’m lovin’ it♪♫ [n_n]).

Moving on…

The booklet consisted pretty much completely of pages like this…↓

One of the pages of the interesting booklet

One of the pages of the interesting booklet

MK was way too lazy to read what these pages said, but there were pages like this (filled with long sentences and words [>.<]) for every month of the year. It seems this “information” inside of this booklet was based at least partially on the stars and the zodiac and those kinds of things.

There was this one page, though, that drawed MK’s attention, mostly because it wasn’t filled soley with boring stuff about farming…↓

Less boring page

Less boring page

I don’t think minna-san can tell exactly what that sentence under the pictures of the people says, but it says: “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Not sure exactly what that phrase means… but I guess it’s trying to say something like “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

This page had about 10 different “jokes”, but I only found a couple to be kinda funny. So I took note of this funny one:

“Nature was very wise. It planned two ears for man and only one mouth.”

Hmmm, well I guess that wasn’t that funny… [.___.]

Alright, MK has lots of work to do today, so I must leave now.

Have a lovely day and… SMILE, Jesus loves us all!


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