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Big Responsibilities



Oyasuminasai minna-san…

MK‘s had a really crappy day today [;_;]. But MK will not be boring minna-san with the long story of what happened today that causes her to say that.

I just wanted to quickly let minna-san know, and apologize in advance that she’s going to be very busy this week and probably won’t be able to blog daily.


MK has very big responsibilities at her job this week [.__.]. My manager is away for the week and so MK is now kind of an “acting manager” of the store where she works. So I stay at work about an hour longer and I have to take care of the money and the keys to the store and everything [•_•] *wonders if manager made a mistake*. Because I have to stay longer at work, my schedule’s totally chaos now. I have pretty much zero free time until about 8pm, and I never know whether my mom might decide to turn MK’s lights off at 9 or 10… [>.<]

So, once again, MK apologizes for her inactivity this week, and thanks minna-san for their support.


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  1. Aw~It’s ok~ Work is more important~

    Work hard and don’t overdo yourself, Sachi-chan~

    Stay sharp~!

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