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Konbanwa minna-san! Genki desu ka?

Minna-san might be wondering how things are going concerning MK’s “Mission:Centro“. This was a “mission” that MK started when she needed a cell phone. She decided that since times are hard for her parents lately, she would work to earn the phone that she wants herself, for a change. So now, MK is going to update minna-san on the status of her mission.

MKs new cell phone! ^.^

MK's new cell phone! ^.^

OK, so the last time MK posted about this mission, she was still working to earn the money needed to buy the phone. But MK is happy to tell minna-san that she has bought a red Palm Centro!

Unfortunately, since I bought it online, I still have to wait a little less than a week before it arrives. But I’m already SO excited! Within the next week I should recieve a call from the Post Office telling me that my package has arrived! \[^o^]/~*

On Friday, I got a letter with all kinds of cool formal stuff [*v*]{Ooooh!). And then I had to go to the Post Office to sign some paper concerning the package. All of this is causing MK to become even more anxious about this package arriving!

OK, so as soon as MK recieves her package, she will either film the unboxing or take many pictures to show minna-san!

Until then, God bless minna-san!


Comments on: "Update on Mission: Centro!" (5)

  1. Once the phone arrive, review it~

    Mean while, you can go download some nice backgrounds and ring tones to customize your phone~

  2. By the way — You’ve worked hard! So enjoy your rewards, little one~ (smiles)

  3. *Jumps up and down!* Sachi-chan is super excited that her package should be here within the next two days. Any minute I can get a call from the Post Office letting me know that it’s here! *so excited*

    That’s actually a great idea! I didn’t even think of doing that before the phone came, I was planning to do that afterward.

    *searches web for cute ringtones* [[[[^.^]

  4. You can try http://www.ownskin.com for wallpapers and themes~

    Normally, what kind of ring tones do you use? MP3 songs? Instrumentals?

  5. I’m actually not a fan of MP3 ringtones, I love cute little jingles as ringtones. But if I have to use MP3’s as ringtones, I use really popular classics like the theme song from James Bond or Mission:Impossible or some disney show etc.

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