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Oyasumi minna-san!

MK is beginning to feel sleepy, but is going to quickly do this tag before hitting the sacks.

I actually have two other tags that I still have to do (Doushiyou, doushiyou!) but since this one’s really short and interesting to MK, I’ll do it quickly.

OK, enjoy!

Rules: Once you’ve got tagged, you have to answer ALL the questions HONESTLY. Lastly, choose 6 people to be tagged. (Uh oh! Sachi-chan is all alone and has no one to tag!)

How old were you when you had your first relationship?
Hmmm. Well I guess when I was in kindergarten we had something of a “marriage” game that we used to play… I was probably 4-6 years old. Nothing serious though. [n_n]

Are you single/taken?
Single. Just keeping my eyes open. Not really ready for a real relationship yet… So please do not ask MK to be your girlfriend (she could turn out to be your worst nightmare MK —>\[°Дº]/<RAAWR!))) *Laughs nervously* Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Do you like anyone right now?
Well, it depends what “Like” means… I have crushes… but I definitely do not “Love” anyone romantically… That’s all I’ll say…

Ever had your heartbroken?
Well… I guess… MK is probably too young to be sure though… I don’t think I’ve ever fully been “in love” per say, so that means I couldn’t have truly had my heart broken, right?

Miss anyone right now?
My big sister. \[TAT]/*boo-hoo*

Who was the last person you sent a text to?
My best friend, Nami-chan.

Last person to text you?
… Don’t remember… N/A

Last person you saw?
This guy who I never saw before… and probably won’t see ever again…

What was the last thing you said to someone?
“OK” – to my mom. (She was telling me not to leave the food out on the counter otherwise it’ll spoil)

Who is your top friend(s)?
God, Nami-chan and Yoshi-kun! You might know Nami-chan and Yoshi from MK’s old blog. These are my closest friends…

Who do you trust the most in your life?
God. You can’t trust people… They’re mean! [;_;]

Who do you love most?

Ever been in love?
I probably thought I was in love a couple times, but I doubt it was ever the real deal.

Who has hurt you the most?
My dad. No further comment.

Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?
Well, uhm… my cat died a very sad death after living a very sad life. [T.T]

Are you happy?
I’ve got the best friend in the WHOLE WORLD! (God) That makes me happy!

How many good friends do you have?
Three, max.

Are there some songs you cannot listen to because they remind you of someone?
There is this song that reminds me of 9/11… We were listening to it when we saw it on the news.

Have you ever cheated on a partner?

Ever been cheated on?
Not that I know of…

Ever been told someone loved you?
… I think “like” was the word that was used…

Ever told someone you love them and meant it?
A family member. And my best friends…

Not meant it?
I forget… [.___.]{…)

What is your idea of true love?
That you would give your life for that person. Or that you’d sacrifice your happiness for that person to be happy. Or something to that effect.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nope. Not real love. I believe in attraction or infatuation at first sight, but not love.

Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
Definitely. For me it’d be really hard to just go straight to being romantically involved with someone withought having known them closely as a friend. (Not saying it’s impossible, just my opinion from my experience)

I Tag:

[T_T] I only have one person to tag!

1. Sleepy

And anyone who’d like to do this tag…


Yatta! (I did it!)

Now it’s time for me to head to bed! Bye bye! Off to dreamland!


Comments on: "Tagged by Sheep-chan!" (4)

  1. Hahaha… You and Saru-chan had God in your answers.

    I wonder who else will include God into this tag.

    Your last answer… I’m quite curious… How do a pair of friends slowly develop into couples?

    Because what if one of them is too comfortable being just friends, won’t it be hard to accelerate to the romance level?

    I just can’t fall for friends.. It’s difficult.. (o_o)

  2. Yea, sometimes that is the case, that one may not want to go to a romantic level.

    But that doesn’t always happen, and normally when the one doesn’t want to go further than friendship it’s because he/she doesn’t have those kind of feelings for his/her friend. And in that case, whether you’re friends with the person or not (because this happens with people who are friends and people who aren’t), it’s be pretty close to impossible for such a relationship to work.

    But sometimes (Sachi-chan has experienced this) both friend do develop “feelings” for one another. My friend and I could have moved over to “another level” but Sachi-chan was not confident enough in herself to enter that kind of a relationship… No further comment…[u_u]

    And in my opinion, when two are close friends first and then move on to being romantic, it’s easier to be honest and open, because you when you’re friends with someone, you don’t try as hard to impress them with made up stuff as you do with a bf or gf.

    For Sachi-chan it is actually the opposite of ane-san. I can’t imagine having a long-term, serious relationship with someone I was only acquainted with or even didn’t know before we became a couple.

    But this is just Sachi-chan’s opinion. I’ve seen many happily married couples (including my parents and grandparents) who weren’t friends before they became a couple, so I guess it can work both ways. [^.^]

  3. Sachi-chan fell in love with her friend? How cute~

    You’re right. For some people, it’s very hard to leave that friendship zone for the higher level because perceptions will start to change from that point onwards. In other words, out of the comfort zone.

    As for starting out romantically, at least there’s a goal that one can aim for…

    Baa.. This is so beyond my little brain.

    Well… At your age, starting out as friends is the ideal method because you’re young now. So making friends in the primary goal. (Laughs)

  4. *blushes* Well, I wouldn’t say “fell in love”. I just had a crush on him [.___.]

    Yea, maybe that’s why it’s easier for me to see myself with a friend, because I’m still so young. (Sachi-chan is yet a little child [u_u]|||) I’m currently just keeping my eyes open and obtaining valuable information that I can use when I begin dating… Whenever that might be… [-_-]

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