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Oyasuminasai minna-san! (Goodnight everyone!) MK here!

Today, I randomly came upon the thought of  “Where is MK most comfortable and most at home?

I think the thought came up because MK was at her grandparents’ with a group of family members (uncles, aunts, cousins etc.) and felt very happy and at home [n_n]. I really cherish such moments of togetherness. When I grow up and have my own house, I hope that it will be a fun place where I’ll always have friends and family over.

Unfortunately, my family (well, at least my dad’s side) isn’t very “friendsy” so I don’t get to have as many people over as much I wish, but I hope that when I grow up my home will be a very comfy place where all my friends feel at home.

Anyway, back to the point: The answer to the question, “Where is MK most comfortable and most at home?”

Well, my answer that I came up with is:

Behind my personal laptop computer

The reason why is, because my computer is one thing/place that I have full control over and full customization and I spend a lot of time on it and most importantly, I enjoy spending a lot of time on it.

One of the main reasons why I feel so at home behind my laptop is because I can customize and personalize it to fit me completely. For me, it’s very important to have things like a cool wallpaper for your desktop, very personalized window colors etc.

MK's desktop

MK's desktop

So, here you can see MK’s current wallpaper. But I change my wallpapers about 2-5 times a month, and I think I’m gonna change this one to another cool one that I found recently.

MK's wallpaper to-be

MK's wallpaper to-be

If you look back at the picture of my current desktop, you can notice some things if you look closely enough. Well, first of all, anyone who knows enough about computers can tell that my computer is a PC. I wouldn’t mind having a Mac at all, I actually prefer Mac over Windows, but where I live not many people use Macs, so it’s quite a hassle to find Mac programs and other Mac accessories or whatever. So unfortunately… [u_u] it wouldn’t be too wise for MK to use a mac at the moment.

Anyway, back to my desktop. One think you might notice that you don’t see on most PCs is, my taskbar is located at the top of the screen. That’s one thing that many foreign users of MK’s PC find awkward and frustrating. And what makes this even more frustrating for them is that my taskbar disappears when it’s not used. So if you’re just using a normal program, it looks like there’s no taskbar and so when smarties go on MK’s PC and move the mouse below to try to get the taskbar to come up, they end up getting very frustrated thinking that something must be wrong. But really, it’s just that my taskbar’s right above their noses. [^.^] heheheh!

So MK always likes to have her electronics personalized so that they’re unique and not like very other person in the world.

Another way that MK exercises her full control over her PC is Apps (applications). MK was just twittering, saying that she seems to be something of a apps-a-holic. I love to have applications or add-ons (that’s why I love Firefox – soo many add-ons![*v*]) that make my work or play easier and more fun.

For example, I’m a big fan of Firefox for it’s very easy personalization. You can get cool themes, cool add-ons, plug-ins etc. So I’m always on the look-out for cool add-ons that make it quick and easy for me to blog, update twitter, email, read RSS etc. I just love having cool witty add-ons and applications!

Anyway, I’m beginning to fall asleep now [u.u]{Zzz)..

OH! [0.o]!

Good news!: MK’s going to order her cell phone (Palm Centro) tomorrow! And if not tomorrow then this week for sure. HOORAY! In about two weeks, MK should have her hands on her new cell phone. [^v^]! Can’t wait!

OK, time to go to bed!


Comments on: "Where I feel most comfortable" (1)

  1. Baa~ *in awe* You change your wallpaper that often? Mine is still the same since the day I bought this laptop~ (Laughs)

    I agree. It’s a great hobby to personalize our gadgets to imply our taste and uniqueness in them. I would say this is some sort of art. I just love custom made stuffs not because I want to stand out in the crowds of oranges. More like I want to bring out my own creativity~

    Sachi-chan should understand this feeling, right? Since she likes to customize her own gadgets too~

    Ow~~ I can’t wait to see your new phone~ *Happy*

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