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Oyasumi minna-san. This MK who is trying hard not to think about something very scary that she’s going to have to do soon… [0__0] (forgive me in advance if I seem a bit gloomy at the moment)


I just got back from choir practice. I just recently joined my church’s “mass choir” (though really, it’s just adults and older people in the church). Myself and my friend Leah are the only two young people in the choir (she joined the same time as I did), and the adults now seem to pride themselves on having “the youth” in the choir.

And so, today… I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but now, Leah and I are singing a duet together to open one of

*This is definitely not MK* [.__.]|||

*This is definitely not MK* (-.-)|||

the choir’s songs \[0‘□’0]/{Dôshiyô, dôshiyô, dôshiyô?!) (<– What do I do?!)

A little Bio on MK: Does not sing in public!

I’ve NEVER been a public singer. I let ANYONE hear my sing! My family wouldn’t know what my singing voice sounds like if I didn’t sing at worship (and that’s the only time I let them hear me sing). I mean, I sing clownily all the time, but that’s just for fun. It’s just always been different for me to sing have people hear me sing. And it’s not stage fright or anything. It’s just a fear of others hearing me sing, not because I can’t sing or anything, but because… Well, it’s hard to put my finger on it, but I think it’s because I’ve just always had this feeling that me singing = a strange occurance = staring = awkward silence…. Hard to explain.

Anyway, at first I was planning to say “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”, but then I realized that this is probably what God wants me to do. I’d been thinging a lot about conquering my fear of singing in public, and I know that’s what God wants me to do, so I couldn’t really say no. [^_^]||||

Although I’m real scared about having to sing in church. I know that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I’m sure God will help me to do my best, and maybe someone will be helped through my singing. *shrugs* God works in mysterious ways.

MK would like to ask for minna-san’s prayers for her. She’s going to need them. *sigh*

Oh! Sorry, I forgot to ask about minna-san’s condition: How are you doing? Is minna-san having a lovely day today? I hope so [^v^].

But MK must go now

~Ja-ne~ God bless v[^.^]♥

Comments on: "The Dreaded Moment is Fast Approaching!" (2)

  1. I’ve NEVER been a public singer. I let ANYONE hear my sing!

    I think you’ve just contradicted yourself here. (Laughs)

    All the best in being the YOUTH of the choir~ (Cheers)

    The choir in my church is quite dead and slow. (Groans) Maybe we need Sachi-chan in our addition. (Laughs)

  2. Oopsy! I meant to say:

    “I’ve NEVER been a public singer. I don’t let ANYONE hear me sing!”

    *runs to edit post*

    Yea, as you’ll read in the my latest post: I DID IT! YAY! \[^­­­­­◊­­^]/­­­­­♫♪ I was pretty nervous during the actual duet, but the moments leading up to it were calmer than I expected. (I thought I’d be hiding in the restroom crying )*Laughs nervously*

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