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*chewing Bubblicious bubble gum* - yummmm

*chewing Bubblicious bubble gum* - yummmm

Konbanwa minna-san! Genki desu ka? It’s me, MissionaryK!

Welcome to my new blog! As you’ll learn if you read the About page, this isn’t my first personal blog. I have another one, but because that one was taking up too much time (contributing to my neglecting of Teen-Fortress.com). But because I do love to blog, I decided to make this blog, by MK. That way Teen-Fortress.com members and visitors can have something new to read more often.

About the blog on Teen-Fortress.com, I’ll now use that to post updates about the site itself. Oh, and about the TFC Club.

Anyway, you must be wondering what those two sentences at the beginning of this post mean. Well, these are some words and phrases that you might want to get used to. I use them in most of my posts:

Both of these phrases are Japanese. I’m a big fan of Japanese culture and stuff. You’ll notice this in the way I talk. LOL.

Note: There will be many revelations about MK in this blog for here, she is free to be herself.

Anyway, back to the meanings of the words:

Konbanwa minna-san” :  Good evening everyone. I use the word minna-san very often in my posts. It means “everyone”.

Genki desu ka?: How are you doing? Sometimes I say this in english, other times I say it in Japanese, other time I don’t say it at all.

OK, moving on now:

As you can see, this one is not the only post here. I’ve imported my old posts from my old blog here for two reasons:

  1. I felt it’d be kind of a waste to just let them be deleted.
  2. I think it’ll help minna-san understand my way of blogging (if it’s any different from everyone else’s)

So check out my past posts. You’ll notice some things:

  • I use many emoticons, like: [^_^], [T.T], [;_;], [*v*]
  • I often speak of myself in the third person. Why? Because I’ve noticed that many Japanese people speak that way. I think it’s cute [>^ v ^<].
  • I use Japanese words in my posts. (I think I’m a freak)

Anyway, I’m gonna go have Quiet Time now…

I’ll be sure to blog again soon!

Ja~ne♥ (that means bye bye in… you guessed it… JAPANESE! LOL)

Comments on: "Welcome to Over the Waves – by MissionaryK" (2)

  1. Yea~ The Japanese often speak in the third person view. It’s cute~

    Japanese are somewhat amusing and entertaining in many ways~

    Cheers to your new blog! \(^v^)o

  2. YAY ane-san! Ohayou! *waves*

    Yea, I love it! So cute how they speak in the third person about themselves and sometimes also about others.

    What do you think of the new appearance of the blog (ie: the header)?

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