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*watching American Idol*

*watching American Idol*

Konbanwa minna-san!

MK is feeling rather guilty for allowing this blog to go un-updated for quite some time. [-_-] Gomenassai, minna-san!

Anyway, MK has been super busy again these last few days. I’m beginning to get pretty ticked at “being busy” all the time now. I never have time to chill and draw manga or just surf the net or play my guitar or read manga or do any of those things I like to do [;_;]. I really don’t feel much like a kid anymore.*tear-tear* MK doesn’t wish to live the rest of her youth like this! [T.T]

One huge part of the problem is this:

My job is one that doesn’t require constant activity. I work at my grandma’s very tiny shop. I don’t have a specific task to do, so I just do what needs to be done. Since my granny’s shop isn’t super busy (especially when I’m at work – in the afternoons) I have a good bit of time to do things like homework and stuff. But the very big problem is… there’s no internet access in her store. There used to be but there isn’t anymore. So MK wastes precious time doing nothing or just blabbering with her granny when she could be on her laptop blogging, working on her projects and doing any other things I need the internet to do.

But now, since there’s no internet access there, I get home, have about an hour free. So I have to pack alllll those things that I have to get done online (which I could have done at work) into that tiny hour and then rush on with the rest of my day! *RAWR!!! \[`o΄]/{!3*

I don’t think I can keep this up for much longer especially since I feel like my homework performance is taking a blow because of this.

Minna-san must be wondering, “Why are you stressing yourself out for a job? Let alone a job at you granny’s!?”.

Well, to be honest, MK is totally putting her all into this job because it’s the only steady source of income that she has. And if minna-san remembers, I have a specific goal that I’m saving for *wink-wink*. That’s why I’m using just about all of my free time to work so that I can save up as much as possible, whether it’s stressfull or not!

For example, MK has a week of vacation from school coming up soon. I’m still wondering whether or not I should work full-time for that week or not. I’ve calculated how much I’d earn according to how many hours I’d be able to work in the week and…

If MK works full-time during her week of vacation she, at the end of the week, she would earn 5 times more money than she doesn on regular weeks when she only works part-time. That means, in one day of working full-time, I’d earn the same amount of money that I get from working a whole week part-time! [$.$] LOL

So I think I’m gonna go ahead and work full-time during my vacation. [u_u]

I just can’t wait until I’ve reached my goal and can buy this dream phone of mine! Then I’ll definitely be able to slack up a little, since I won’t have anything specific to save for.

Well, MK must go back to her hectic life of work and responsibility [=_=].

Sachi-chan had a yummy breakfast the other day ^_^

MK had a yummy breakfast the other day ^_^


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