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Keitai Crazy!

Konnichiwa minna-san! The last couple of days, MK has been thinking and dreaming a lot about getting the perfect cell phone! [*v*]

I’ve never really been the that person who has her cell phone with her at all times and gets a call or a message ever ten minutes. That’s probably because of a couple of different reasons:

  • MK has few friends who would call her. [-_-]
  • She’s hardly ever not at home, so it doesn’t make much sense for her to have a mobile phone when MK is so immobile and anyone can just reach her on her house’s phone.
  • When she finally does go out she normally just forgets her phone at home.

These and more are reasons why MK should not get a cell phone [;_;].


Now, I have more reason to get a cell phone because…:

  • Yoshi-kun and Nami-chan both have cell phones that they use very actively. So now I have people to call and be called by. [^_^]
  • This year I have some new activities outside of the house (such as a new part-time job [n_n]), so in order for others to contact me, I need a cell phone, ne? *wink*
  • I’ve gotten into a good habit of always making sure to have certain things when I leave the house. Things like, my PSP, headphones, my palm pilot and anything else I need to go to that specific place. So, this means I should be able to remember not to leave my phone at home all the time. Also, I wanna get a really nice cell phone that I love, so that I’ll want to have it with me all the time.

Yes, so for those reasons, MK is in need of a mobile telephone…

What kind of a cell phone has MK been dreaming about?

Well, I have some ideal features that would be perfect in my phone. I know to get all of these features in one phone could be pretty expensive, but that’s just what I would get if money wasn’t an issue. But unfortunately, it is.[u_u]

Anyway, the ideal phone for me would have to:

My organizer - Tungsten E

My organizer - Tungsten E

  • Have a good camera, the more megapixels the better.
  • Have a keyboard/keypad. I really don’t like entering text with the normal number buttons on a cell. It takes forever!
  • Have a good calendar and to-do list.
  • Look somewhat japanese keitai-ish. ^^
  • And a bonus would be that it has a MP3 player and can use regular headphones/earphones.

So, those are features you’ll probably only find together in a smartphone or of course an iPhone. And since an iPhone is probably out of the picture for poor MK-chan,  why not check out smartphones? It doesn’t hurt to dream, right? [^.^]

OK, so when I think of a suitable phone with all of these features, I  immediately think of Palm phones.

You see, my organizer is a Palm Tungsten E. It’s super old! I’ve probably had it for 6-7 years now, and it still hasn’t failed me. [*v*] That’s why I think a Palm smartphone would be a good way to go, ne?

So when I googled “Palm phone” on Google images, one that caught my eye was the Palm Centro. I really don’t know anything about this phone yet, so I’ll definitely be looking into it. But for starters, it looks nice, doesn’t it?

Pink Palm Centro - Ooh! Its pretty!

Pink Palm Centro - Ooh! It's pretty!

I think it’s pretty cute and I’m guessing it’s just like an organizer, a camera, and an MP3 player in one. Hmmm, maybe I should stop guessing and search for some solid info.

Anyway, MK must come back out of dream land now, and get begin doing homework.[;_;] I’ll look up some more info about some more possible phone choices and let minna-san know later, OK?


Let me be with you♫ – Chobits

Oyasumi! MK has limited time to blog today since she spent a great deal of her time playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl with her little brother!

Hideki and Chii

Hideki when he first found Chii

But anyway, I’m gonna make the best of this little time that I have. I haven’t got much to say right now, so I decided to let music speak! \[^o^]/♫

This song is probably best known as the opening song for the anime series Chobits. It’s performed by Round Table. I’ve had this song on my laptop for a long time but for much of that time, I didn’t even know what Chobits was. My guess was that it was some kind of a singing group. Kinda like a Japanese version of Alvin and the Chipmunks [?]. But I eventually learned that it’s actually an anime (hehe… silly me [>_<]).

When I looked deeper to find out what Chobits was really about, I found the plot very interesting. So I checked out an episode on Youtube and it turned out to be pretty cool and funny. So to anyone who’s wondering about what anime to watch next, I recommend Chobits!

Now, here’s the opening song of Chobits, Let me be with you by Round Table!~[^o^]~

Well, actually this one isn’t exactly the same the one on the opening, but it’s as close as I could find – gomen. [-__-]

What do you think? Nice? I know it’s a bit weird sounding at first, but it definitely grew on me. It’s catchy.

Mata Ashita!

- Condron.us -

Thoughts from the last couple days…

Konbanwa minna-san! Yes, I know… [-_-] MK is sorry for being so inactive the last few days (not even commenting anywhere). I don’t really have a good excuse or anything… I just wasn’t really in the mood to do anything online (spent most of the day playing Wii and watching TV). We got a new game for Wii called Super Smash Brothers Brawl. It’s pretty cool. My brother and I have been fans of Super Smash Bros. games since Nintendo 64, so it was a quick learning process (MK normally takes an eternity figuring out most fighting games).

The new game we got!

The new game we got!

Speaking of the Wii, did MK tell minna-san about what she thinks of Wii Music? Hmmm… I should do a real review on it sometime soon! *nods*

Anyway, unfortunately, I’m gonna be pretty busy for the next months. Of course I’m still gonna blog but just in case things get super swamped, MK would like to apologize in advance [u_u] for any times when I may not be able to blog for a day or two.

MK is quite busy this  new year. Of course, homework is one priority that can get pretty time-consuming if not carefully planned ([u.u] MK always leaves everything until the last minute). Also, the weekly activities like guitar lessons and soccer practice. Plus my dad’s kinda nagging me about working at my Grandma’s shop since she’s getting old now and really needs help. I really would like to help, but must find time to do so. And that’s a little tough seeing that I’m currently working on starting a Bible Study class at my church. Nami-chan and I are still planning and working on getting it officially set up, but when it does start that’ll be another thing to add to the schedule of MK [.__.].

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty!

*sigh* Life. Anyway, MK has been thinking a lot about getting a new cell phone, lately. I mean, I already have two or three right now, but I never used them, so now I have to buy a new SIM card. And I was thinking that if I’m gonna buy a new SIM card, why not buy a phone I really like anyway. I think that would motivate me not to forget my phone at home all the time [>.<].

Hmmm, what kinds of phones do I like? Well, I’m not sure there’s a specific kind of phone I like. I guess just a phone that looks cool and Japanese keitai-ish *LOL*. My favorite color is green, so I’d love a nice green phone. But for some reason, I normally find that those pearl pink cell phones tend to look m0re Japanese. I don’t know, just my opinion.

MK must leave soon [;_;]. Wish I could stay longer, but I must get to work on something else that I have to get done today…

I hope I can get a nice phone soon, otherwise I’ll just have to keep my Motorola L6, which I was actually going to trade with my friend for a Motorola w375. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out [T_T].

”]My phone [^_^]

Phone that I was gonna trade

Phone that I was gonna trade

Which one do you like best? Any suggestions on cool phones? Looking at the pics they both look really nice. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t look half as nice in person….

I must leave now,


How to: Tips for being a good boyfriend!

Konbanwa, minna-san! MK is feeling a little better now, for whatever reason. I’m still feeling kinda gloomy, but not as bad as before.

Anyway, earlier today I talked to a friend of mine who lives over-seas on MSN Messenger. For weeks everytime I noticed him online he had a display name or personal message that said something about some girl that he obviously had feelings for. Naturally, this caused me to realize that he must have found a new girlfriend. I guessed  my curiosity just suddenly got the best of me – and of course, how could I pass up a chance to learn more about the male species? [^_^]

So I messaged him and after the usual small talk (“how’s school?” etc.) I said something like “So, you seem to have found a new female companion.” He laughed and formed a clever, indefinite way of saying “Yes”. Eventually I ended up giving him a couple tips about this particular topic, in which I consider myself an expert *winks*.

Anyway, so I decided to share some of my expertise with minna-san!!! \[*v*]/ <— Love Guru ♥

AWWW! Sweet!

AWWW! Sweet!

OK, here I go (note: some of these tips aren’t exactly the most important things, but they’re useful… I hope [-_-]).

Be a gentleman at all times!

This one might seem simple and “obvious” but it’s just so important, it must be said! Chivalry might seem lame and old fashion, but I for one believe that it is still one of the best, simplest ways to show your girl that you care about her. It also shows that you are respectful and willing to put her before yourself. I’m not certain about how much this means to most girls, but MK melts when a guy is  like that [♥.♥].

Be honest at all times!

Hmmm, what more can I say about this… Oh! Why? Because she wants to be able to trust you just like you want to be able to trust her. But even if you want to trust someone, it’s still hard to trust someone who has lied to you or broken a promise or anything like that. So don’t give her any reasons not to trust you.

Take responsibility

If something is your fault let it be know that you realize that and will do what you have to to fix it. I personally find it UBER attractive when a guy can admit that he’s wrong and take on the consequences. It’s just… macho. It’s like the saying “Take it like a man!”. Men take the blows when they know they’ve done something to deserve it.

Be thoughtful

It’s the most special feeling when a girl learns that her guy thinks about her often. Let your girl know that she’s important to you and that she’s always on your mind. This can be done my just giving her a simple gift out of the blue or doing her a favor out of the blue, or just doing anything for her without being asked. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t afford anything grand. It’s the thought that counts. [^.^]

Defend her

How lovely! [*v*]

If someone’s bugging her, tell them to back off. If someone’s dissing her, stand up for her. Be a little protective of her (don’t be a crazy stalker dude, though 0_0!). If the two of you go out on a date, make sure she has a safe way of getting back home. Take her home yourself if you have to. She should always feel safe with you. Never leave her in potentially dangerous situations.

Never ditch her

That doesn’t mean you have to stalk her! Let her have her space, but be attentive. This is yet another way of ensuring her that you care. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any time alone or with your guys. It just means that you have to remember that girls can be super sensitive (like MK [;_;]). So don’t act like you don’t want to be around her or are avoiding her (some guys do this to make girls long for them or something – what losers \[`A´]~!). Make sure she knows you enjoy being with her.

Always wear the same cologne

This is something I explained to my friend. I know this makes a difference from my own experience.

When a guy I like always wears the same cologne, it creates something for me to always remember him by. It’s very hard to explain, but it kinda makes me remember him distinctly and like whenever I smell that cologne or one that smells kind of like it, it triggers memories of him and it just makes me smile. I guess it makes a girl feel more secure or something. Plus girls really notice how a guy smells. It’s attractive when a guy smells good. Not too much though!

OK, that seems like about all the advice MK can give. Note: these tips may not work for all girls. Everyone’s different. Just use common sense + the Love Guru’s (me [^_^]) expertise *LOL* and you should be fine.

Guys what do you think of the tips? Would you try chivalry on a girl you like? Girls, did I hit the nail on the head, or did I just smash my thumb with the hammer? (I just made that up *proud of self*) Do y’all have any tips to add?

Also, Ane-san, I’m curious to know what you think about this and what other tips you have!


Paranoia [-_-]

Konnichiwa minna-san! Genki desu ka! MK here! (Who else could it be…?)

Today I’m just going to blog my thoughts about something. I have had this problem for a really long time, and I don’t know if it’s common or not…

MK is paranoid [-_-]. OK, of course I’m not like literally paranoid as in… sick! I’m just always afraid that the things that are important to me will disappear any minute.

I know it’s a problem, but I don’t know how to not be all… paranoid-y. Like, for example, if I meet a guy I’ve been crushing on and he seems to like me I’ll be all happy. And then like if I see him in school and he’s busy or something and doesn’t come straight up to me and talk to me, I get all paranoid, thinking that he must not want to have anything to do with me anymore. Or something stupid like that.

I’ve had various experiences where I was all bummed out because I was “being forgotten” or something, when really, the person might just have had a tough day or something [;_;]. This problem just causes me so much necessary worries and problems…


I think I’ll stop now, I’m starting to feel really gloomy. I’ll probably be back later to blog again.

Oh, by the way, How is everyone? Having a better day than I am, so far? Is anyone else paranoid like MK [;_;]?


Latest Masterpiece

Konbanwa minna-san! MK desu!

Today I started working on my latest manga MASTERPIECE!!!

OK, it’s not really a masterpiece, but it’s a piece that I plan to put a whole lot of effort into during the next few days. And I’m going to post this piece here as it appears in the different “phases of development”.

The first two “phase of development” (the ones I did today) are:

  1. The drawing of the original image (simple sketch done in pencil)
  2. The tracing of the image in pen (this is so that the picture will show up clearly when it’s scanned)

Now, note: I’m no expert so expect the least in my work and please think nothing of it if my way of creating my work is different or less effective than others. I appreciate any tips, though.

OK, so here’s my drawing in Phase 1:

^.^ It's Sachi-chan!

^.^ It's MK!

I know, doesn’t look very much like MK, but it’s supposed to be a self-portrait. But hopefully the color will make a big difference in making this look like MK. Hmmm, I should get rid of that mole. MK doesn’t have a more -_- *wishes she did*

But I must leave now (gomen). Today was a busy day. Look out for the last phase of my piece soon!


What do I know about Naruto?

Ohayou minna-san! MK is going to blog quickly because she has a very busy day ahead of her [-_-]…

I’m currently personalizing my PSP. Just like my computer, I like to keep my PSP always looking nice and new. So I regularly change backgrounds themes etc. [^_^] I try to give my PSP the best treatment!

My PSP! ^_^

My PSP! ^_^ (sorry it's not so clear)

Hmmm, what shall I blog about today?


I’ll blog about…


To be completely honest, I really am not a huge fan of Naruto. I initially only thought it was cool because it’s an anime, but that it basically. Oh and Gaara \[♥.♥]/!

Sand Siblings - Temari, Gaara and Kankuro

Sand Siblings - Temari, Gaara♥ and Kankuro

I mean, in the earlier stages of the anime, Gaara’s a real psycho jerk-freak [O_o]! He’s all sadistic and… just plain insane [;_;]. But I’ve always found him intriguing. Like he must have had some kind of a traumatic experience (sorry, I haven’t seen the entire series, so I don’t know if maybe the answer to this question is right in the show [^_-]) or something. I think I read something on Wikipedia about something with his creator or whatever.

But anyway, I especially LOVE Gaara when he turns good \[^▽^]/~{SUGOI NE)!!! It’s nice to see such a serious, scary guy like Gaara become a good guy [^_^]~♥.

Anyway, minna-san must be wondering how MK knows all of this about Naruto if she doesn’t like the show?

Well, doesn’t every anime fan know some stuff about Naruto? It’s like one of the most popular anime. Plus, my brother’s a HUGE Naruto fan. He talks about it all the time, reads the manga, watches the anime, plays the video games and more!!! [0.0] Also, MK sometimes puts extra effort into finding information about Gaara [^_^]! He’s just so interesting!


Hmmm, well I can’t really come up with too much else to say about Naruto… Oh! I know, I’ll show minna-san some cool Naruto pictures! (Just a few)

Naruto and Sakura (Shippuden)

Naruto and Sakura (Shippuden)

LOL! *Kakashis so funny with that book in his hand*

LOL! *Kakashi's so funny with that book in his hand*


OK, I think that’s about enough now… *still dazed ↑ [@.@]{ Whoa)* LOL! If you click on the pictures it’ll take you to the deviantart.com page that I got them from. I’ll have to do more picture displays in the future. [^_^]

Speaking of which, since MK now has a working scanner, look out for some new drawings of hers! Though they’ll probably be worse than the last ones I posted, since I didn’t practice much during the vacation [u_u].

I gotta go now [-_-]… This has been a post by MK! It’s been fun blogging today, but now it’s time for work [-_-]…

Ja~ne! [^.-]v!